Free program for Mac to convert flv files to mp4, flv2iTunes

With the increase of videos on the Internet, starting with youtube, there are more flv files, which are flash files, not video files such as mpg, wmv, avi, and asf. Sometimes you want to save it on your PC, at this time you need to find and download the flv file, and then convert the downloaded flv file into a video file again.

How to download Flash videos from YouTube, Google videos, Yahoo videos, Daum TV pods, mncasts, etc. How to download flash videos such as TV pods is on. You can download a flash file with the extension flv, and you can also convert it into a video. You can convert it into a video and put it in a handheld device such as a PDA or iPhone Touch and watch it on your PC.

Among the programs that can convert flash files to video files, I looked for freeware that can be used on Mac. flv2iTunes there was

It's the same name as sending flv to iTunes, but you can just convert it without putting it in iTunes. Looking at the options menu, the option to register in iTunes for conversion is checked by default.




Download flv2iTunes After unpacking, put it in the application folder to complete the installation.


To convert flv files to mp4, run flv2iTunes and then drop the flv files to flv2iTunes in the dock.




At first, I was confused because I didn't know this part. I couldn't see the file open menu, and I couldn't even drop the file on the program, so I found out by looking at the manual in PDF file included in the compression.


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