forward delete key on macbook

Windows delete is forward delete on Mac

Among the keys on the MacBook and Windows, the names of keys related to deletion seem to be different.

The Windows delete key deletes the next character from the current position.
The delete key on the MacBook deletes the first character in the current position. That is, it corresponds to the Windows Back Space key. The location of the Windows back space key is the same.

The delete function in Windows is called forward delete in Mac.


macbook pro keyboard


Fn + Delete to delete the next character after the cursor on the MacBook

One of the inconvenient things about the MacBook keyboard is that there is currently no corresponding key for Windows' delete , which is used to delete the next character from the cursor.

It turned out that Fn + Delete = Windows' delete key.



Mapping the Windows delete function to the enter key

Now fn + delete is becoming a bit of a habit, but it's still a bit inconvenient.

The MacBook has a Retrun key and an Enter key next to the right apple key. I was looking for a way to map this unused Enter key to a Windows equivalent delete key, and I found a free program. that is DoubleCommand It is a program called.

Download the program and install it. This program is installed by running it, not by putting it in the application folder and installing it. Once installed, it goes into Miscellaneous in System Preferences.

It also works on leopard.


To map the Enter key to the Windows delete key, check 'Enter key acts as forward delete' at the bottom left as shown in the figure, press the [Activate] button on the right, and click the [System] or [User] button next to Save. It's possible.

This will replace the Windows delete key function with the Enter key next to the right apple key.

However, there is a problem that you have to learn it again because it is different from the Windows keyboard position. Fn + Delete seems to be better to remember. Instead, it seems more convenient to just press the Enter key rather than pressing the delete key while holding down the fn key on the left.



You can use the '\' key as a Windows delete key.

If '|' If you have never used '\', you can use this program to map the key corresponding to '\' to the Windows delete key.

Windows displays the file path as '\' instead of '/', so the '\' key is required, but Macs use '/' as the default file path, so I don't know how much '\' to use.


From the usage situation, it is convenient to map the enter key/option key next to the right comment to forward delete.

The '\' key is right under the delete key, so it seems convenient to remember the location. However, it seems more convenient to map the Windows delete key, that is, 'forward delete' to the enter key next to the apple key.

Because the '\' under the delete key is easy to remember for the location of the forward delete function, most of the situations when performing forward delete are used after moving the cursor with the arrow key or the home key. It seems more convenient to press.



Consider the context of useIf so, it would be nice to map the forward delete key to the enter key. I seem to be using both fn+delete and the mapped enter key.


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