How to make WordPress comments automatically close after a specified period of time

Maybe it's because Korean blogs are focused on Naver blogs, or maybe it's because my blog isn't very popular.

Instead, foreign comment spam is still there.

of word press Comment anti-spam pluginsThere are also many, which are the default plugins in WordPress. Akismet One seems to cover a lot.

Nevertheless, recently, foreign spam comments have been posted, so I tried to reduce the number of comments, but I thought of closing comments on old posts. I usually don't get comments on my posts, but ^^

There is a trend of closing comments on blogs these days, but I decided to just leave them alone.

I did a search with “auto close comments”, and there were only plug-ins from 2009 or so. If you look at the WordPress admin screen, there is an option.




I think a month would be enough. If there is a lot of spam, I think you can take it shorter.




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