lock screen on mac

While working on the computer, I lock the computer when I go to drink coffee or go to a meeting.
In the case of Windows, press Windows key + L key to lock the screen and open the login window. It is not logged out, only the screen is locked.

On Mac, I couldn't find any key, so I replaced it with just running a screensaver.

Instead, you should check Require password to wake computer from sleep or screen saver. This will ask for the password when unlocking the screen saver view.

In System Preferences, click Security, then check 'Require a password to wake the computer from sleep or screen saver'.

mac security

How to use Mac's utilities or other freewarethere is this

I couldn't find this method, and I thought there might be a command to run the screen saver. Just click and the screensaver will run. If you just type s in the spotlight, Start Screen Saver appears at the top.

mac screensaver

People who use Quicksilver or Spotlight to find applications seem to be able to use it the old way without specifying and memorizing hotkeys.


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