How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iCloud

I am storing iPhone contacts in iCloud for use on other Apple devices, and when I look at the contacts, I find that there are dozens of them stored in “My iPhone Contacts”.

I obviously set the default contacts to iCloud, but I don't know why they were stored locally on the phone, but I wanted to move the contacts stored locally on the iPhone to iCloud. I searched for a way to use a paid program for Mac or Windows, or to take out the contacts as a csv with a free iPhone app and put them back in.

After searching for a long time, I can do it on iPhone. very easy wayThere was this, and I was able to easily move it to iCloud.

The method is simple. When you turn on iCloud, you can merge contacts stored on your iPhone, and you can use that.


How to move contacts stored in 'My iPhone Contacts' to iCloud


1. Set up your iCloud account (if not already)

2. Turn off iCloud Contacts. Then it asks if you want to keep the iPhone, choose to keep


3. Turn on iCloud Contacts again. Then it asks if you want to merge the contacts on the existing iPhone, press [Merge].

It's over. I blogged about this easy way for a long time.



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