How to view content next to a list in Apple Mail

Email content view interaction designAs we saw in , when viewing mail, it is convenient to view the list and its contents by placing the content view next to the list as shown in the figure.

Apple Mail wide screen

Outlook on Windows supports this method since Office 2003, but Apple Mail does not support this method in Leopard by default.

in the tiger version Student in the Department of Computer Science and Ph.D. at the University of ColombiaYou can create and use programs with this freeware.
But it doesn't work on leopard. Made for LeopardI posted it on my blog, and I waited, but it didn't come out. of this article 59th commentThank you for making freeware, but isn't it a bit obligatory even if it's freeware? losing trust Please make it soon!!! It is said. ^^. I also tried to post the 60th comment, but I can't register.

Yea thats what i call pissing your customers off ! We know its Freeware and we appreciate it – but dude – we're losing faith in you ! Hurry up!!!

While this friend is procrastinating, another alternative has arisen. Widescreen Apple Mail Plugin that is. If it's a business, it's important to get this timing right.

There are cases where the subject and sender are in the same field as in Outlook, and there are cases where the subject and sender are in different fields. People with wider screens can find emails faster by using having the sender and subject in different fields.

I've compiled links that are available in the Tiger or Leopard version.


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