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KBS 2TV's Saturday Masterpiece Ends After 28 Yearssay do.

Judging from the article, the reason is probably because of the ratings.

As a result of AGB Nielsen's tally, the last nationwide viewership rating was 3%. Seoul was the highest at 4.6%, followed by the metropolitan area at 3.6%. On this day, the audience rating slightly increased than usual, probably thanks to the news that 'Saturday Theater' was the last airing in 28 years.

Recently, each terrestrial TV movie program, which could not withstand the pressure of declining ratings as the years went by, suffered the pain of being chased to late night or early morning hours and eventually abolished.


When I was young, I had to go to school on Mondays, so I couldn't watch Sunday's masterpieces, but I watched Saturday's masterpieces. At a time when it was difficult to go to the cinema and it was difficult to obtain a video, it seems that Saturday's Masterpiece and Sunday's Masterpiece were the only opportunities for people to see a movie.

The drop in viewer ratings for Saturday's Masterpieces doesn't seem to reflect the times. After movie theaters, video, video rooms, DVD, and cable TV, DVD-quality movies can be obtained because of P2P. In a situation where there are so many alternatives to watching a movie, it may be natural that TV ratings for Saturday Masterpieces are dropping, and that's why it ended.

About two years ago, our neighborhood video rental store closed and turned into a hardware store. The boss was the same. I asked the owner why he quit the video rental store. The president says that these days (actually two years ago) people come to the Internet to download movies and rent videos.

Watching the movie itself doesn't seem to have changed much, but the way you approach the movie seems to be changing. If you have data on what channels people watch movies on (over-the-air TV, cable TV, theaters, P2P downloads, videos, DVD rentals, video rooms, DVD rooms, etc.)

The value of something is not just viewed as its own value, but it seems that the value people think of may change according to the times, and it may also change depending on the access channel that can be obtained, as in the example of a movie.

When looking for business opportunities, when planning products, or when establishing marketing strategies, it seems that the value of the channel that accesses it should also be considered, rather than trying to appeal only with its own value.


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