I want to change jobs at this time

When you are working as a salaried worker, when do you think you want to change your company?

If you are a salaried office worker, you will have a lot of thought about changing jobs. As many books say, in my case, I thought about when I wanted to change jobs. It may be a problem for my future job change or work life to disclose these things on my blog, but honestly, I feel like I need to be honest with myself and accept it.

I have had three thoughts of wanting to change jobs so far.

First, when you feel complacent

As with many office workers, it was the 4th year as a proxy. It was a time when things were going well because I was used to the work. But I was afraid of being lazy, so I wanted to work in a tighter place. Of course, it was a very tough place, but it was my wish to go to a tougher place and receive training. That seems like a pretty arrogant idea. They don't like challenges, and they get bored when there's no challenge.

The second is when you try to draw another picture It was. I drew a picture there and practiced it in my own way, and I thought that I should increase the size of my model.

When a computer geek said he was going to study cognitive science, when he said he was going to do a user research at a computer geek company, there were people who were worried that he would do something else instead of what he was doing, and there were people who said he had the courage. He's a crazy style that abuses himself because he doesn't have the ability and doesn't like to be comfortable.

Still, I'm lucky to have had very few bad bosses or co-workers.

The third is as a middle manager when the head count or budget freezes. It was.

I'm  boss mindworking with we are all CEOs I think you should think. I don't know if the salaryman is thinking crazy. Anyway, as a middle manager, I tend to take care of what the company needs. As a middle manager, I need people and a budget to do more important and more valuable work than I do myself. In order to increase one by one, you have to put in more effort than a company with a good business. But when the head count or budget freezes, I really want to quit.

I hate challenges, but my favorite ex-employee manager said that having to take on challenges and earn a living is the reason salary earners go to work instead of opening restaurants. However, when I have to work more and my head count freezes or it is too difficult to increase it, I feel like quitting.

Sometimes I just wonder if it's easy to get a job in a company with good conditions. But conditions of resignationAs I said in , if you can't do it here, you can't do it anywhere else. Besides, if there is no one who has lost a new opportunity because of me alone, if there are no team members who hate me (?) and co-workers I like, I think that they may try to act rather than complain. 

For some people, the reason for leaving the company was because of bankruptcy, restructuring, escaping from the bad things of co-workers and seniors, needing more money, etc. With a short career, it seems to be a bit smooth.

the fourth?

Will the worries of my seniors or the things they talk about in books become flowers to me and make me want to leave the company? Will the history of an individual's work history repeat itself as history repeats itself?

I don't know how others did.



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