Set default values ​​for new features

People don't often change default values 

With the update to OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the default of dual monitors being the same workspace was changed to a separate space.

So, people who used monitors in the same workspace like me became uncomfortable, and people who wanted to use individual monitors for each monitor would know that a new function has been released.

After updating to Mavericks for the first time, I was annoyed because it was not the one I normally use. When I thought about it for a moment, it seemed like the monitor was separated into a separate workspace.

so How to make dual monitors the same workspace in OS X 10.9 Maverickscleaned up

This is the user's point of view.

From the point of view of an interaction designer who plans products, it is a problem that is always faced by how to let existing users know of new features in existing products or services.

Whether to notify the user and let the user choose for themselves, or change it to the default and let the user opt out.

This is similar to opt-in and opt-out when a company or group sends a group email.

Opt-In is to send mail only to those who have previously agreed to receive group mail, and Opt-Out is to not agree to receive group mail once it has been received.

This is the basic way of talking about behavioral economics to economies of scale, and it is a method used a lot in marketing.


When should I opt out?

If a newly created function is provided as a default and the user turns it off, there should be confidence that it can provide much better value than the existing method.

Like the utilitarianism of the greatest happiness of the greatest number, it may be necessary to do it when the majority is expected to be good. This does not mean that I agree with the utilitarianism of the greatest happiness of the greatest number. However, it is only because there are many circumstances that can be persuaded by economic utility. Worst of all, the interaction designer who created the new feature wants to push it in to appeal to the user because he thinks it will be good for the user. That is, if you say that it was made by the user, regardless of the user and business value.

Of course, giving the user an option to turn it off is also a good thing from the user's point of view. In some cases, the user doesn't have an option to turn it off in order to forcefully push the feature. It is all strategically calculated, and it is only done when it can withstand the user's complaints of inconvenience and provide greater value to users even in an uncertain future.

In my case, there were cases where I decided to opt out. Existing users may complain, but from the user's point of view, business value can be obtained, when the user knows that there is such a thing and the cost of operating only when the user chooses is too high. Prepare in advance to appease those who have made announcements and even talked to the customer center, and let them know why this is good for function and how to get rid of it right away. I am responsible

Fortunately, it is an option that users can choose from.

In the case of a website where the user selects and does not change much, The qualifications of a web designer are unknown. People in this profession often change the visual design to let them know that there is new content or functionality.

Since the content service has little to be controlled by the user, the user uses what is given to them. Then, evaluation of user value or business value should be done much more than when opting out.



Ordinary people start from the nature of not wanting to change based on the present as an extension of the present. Determining what will not happen is about an uncertain future, so you need to make a decision.

And that decision must be made through evidence and insight, not exhalation.  What is strategy? As in Clausewicz, the 4th stage of Clausevich's strategic intuition, 'historical case - coolness - flashing insight - determination', requires determination.

The UI has changed drastically in Microsoft Office 2007We made a decision to accept the inconvenience of existing users for better productivity and easier learning of user methods. Ideas of philosophy and direction are supported.

Default values ​​for what defaults to are really important. Humans are not very good at changing defaults, so you can put strategies in place to get people to act. You shouldn't have such a strategy or set defaults to your own preference or intuition.



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