lock screen on mac

computer? For security reasons, when you are away from your desk, you must lock the screen and enter a password to open it.

In Windows, pressing the Windows + L key locks the screen, but there is no same key in Mac, so if you switch to a Mac from Windows or use a Mac for the first time, you will find a way to lock the screen.

I've been using LockTight for a while, but it didn't work in 10.9, so I switched to BetterTouch and reorganized how to lock the screen on Mac.


The principle is to turn off the screen or run the screen saver, and to exit the screen saver, enter the password.


?Set a password when waking from sleep or screensaver 

First, go to 'Security & Privacy' in System Preferences and set it to require a password to wake the computer from sleep or screensaver.

security preference


1. Screen off (sleep display)

Control + Shift + Eject (Power button on MacBook Pro Retina)

This will only turn off the screen and ask for a password when you move your keyboard or mouse.


2. Running the screensaver 

1) Move the mouse to the corner of the screen and run ?

system preference screensaver


2) Using Quick Silver

Anyone using QuickSilver Find StartScreenSaver with Quicksilver..
mac screensaver

3) Using Alfred

?Check Screensaver in Alfred's system command and type Screen Saver as input.

4) Assign a shortcut key to LockTight

You have to use a different tool to assign shortcuts.


LockTight You can set a shortcut key like Control + Option + L. But not in 10.9 Mavericks.


5) Assign shortcut keys with BetterTouchTool

Go to /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ in Finder and copy ScreenSaverEngine.app from there to the application.

after that Download BetterTouchTool After installation,

After entering the desired keyboard combination as shown in the figure, select ScreenSaverEngine.app from the application program.

I set the control to +option+comment+L.



6) Tap the icon on the Dock 

Put the ScreenSaverEngine.app copied in the previous application on the dock, and press ? when you want to run the screen saver.


You can make the screensaver run when you release the mouse from the corner of the screen provided by Mac, or you can use the screen lock shortcut key, and those who use Quicksilver or Alfred can do it by just hitting SC You can also use BetterTouchTool to make it work. You may choose to use it according to your own preference.



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