Why you need a coriander

Go Soo from the drama "Isan"


On MBC drama "Isan", this passage came out today.

Se-son is also at a disadvantage, and the person who wants to help him asks Dae-soo to follow the suspicious person's suspicious behavior.

He sees the beggar buying rice at Mijeong (rice shop). And then he said, "What beggars do you raise?" do.
Da-soo asks what the person who asked to follow up is doing, but Dae-soo says nothing suspicious.
The helper then asks what the suspect's actions were.

It is said that Daesu bought "XNUMX keun of meat, XNUMX kilns of barley".

Then he said that the smart-looking person would be Gunryangmi.

The algebra was something he could not see, and he made his judgment by listening to what he saw, that is, the actions of the algebra, not the opinion of the algebra.


research expert


Today, I met a person I like from a market research agency, and we had lunch together and talked about the research team leader.

The company of a research agency says that when you become a research team leader, you have to manage multiple projects. However, there are people who are good at managing people, and there are people who are good at research. In particular, observational research requires such an experienced team leader-level research.

One time, a team member from an ethnographic research project came to investigate and said that there were no special findings. So, when I went out and observed it, the boot time was too long, but it seems that both the participants and the researcher thought it was normal. So, he pointed out that what he took for granted was the problem.

That's probably why you need a gourd.

The smart-looking person in the drama "Isan" would be Go Soo. It is different for each person whether or not they will make a proper discovery even if they see the same behavior. There, Gosu is making the right discovery.

I've been missing a lot lately, but I've been doing research every now and then, helping to see if there are any key findings, but I feel that I'm lacking a lot.

Excellence in usability testing


Similar studies have been conducted in usability tests on this topic.

In the usability test, it is likely that what is discovered will be different depending on the skill of the observer. In fact, in my experience, not only research skills, but also knowledge and experience in the domain, and differences in knowledge in related fields make the difference in findings. Jacob Nielsen was in front of me when I listened to the tutorial on eye tracking at SIGCHI, and I saw what Nielsen discovered during the eye tracking video and found the problem, and arrogantly thought I had discovered something more important than Nielsen. I did ^^

stickiness issues in the organization


The problem in the organization is that the content master is not used as a master, but rather a managerial position. as soon as Once a programmer, forever a programmer It is also related to the article. Of course, there is a way to use the manager as a manager to carry out more projects, but it will also require the help of the master to catch what is really important in the development project.

If you are an expert and a manager, I think you should not neglect to catch things that the working-level workers can't see.

true master

"I'm now the team leader, so I'm the head of the department, so I can't write programs because I'm the president, I can't test usability, I can't interview, I can't write marketing promotions..."

It really is. However, such a person may not be a true expert in practice.

Hulbert A. Simon, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics, was said to have experimented himself even in his 80s.


One of our team members from a research agency said this. "Depending on the audience to whom the research report is being presented, there are cases where an executive has to present it. At this time, on the way to the client company, he only briefly talked about what was going on in the car.

Previously, when I was doing mobile research with Professor Jinwoo Kim, I had a consortium with companies. At that time, I made a report with my team members, and the professor took a look at it on the day of the presentation and gave the presentation with a surprising interpretation of the meaning we made.


Just a random thought, maybe you'll find this in someone you consider a role model.



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