Top 100 user-centric blogs

A man named Jessica Hupp List of the top 100 blogs about user-centric designI made I don't know the exact standard, but there are many blogs that are worth seeing through RSS feeds.

Double Top 10 is really worth registering and seeing. If you are interested in user-centered design, user experience, usability, and interaction design, you may want to register the following 10 to your RSS reader.

The Top 10

  1. Signal vs. Noise: Written by 37signals, the makers of simple, elegant tools like Ta-da List and Basecamp, this blog discusses up-to-the-minute information on design, experience, simplicity, and more.
  2. 456 Berea Street: Visit this very popular blog for insight into the world of web standards, accessibility, and usability.
  3. ./with Imagination: As a leader in user interface engineering, Dustin Diaz has a lot of knowledge to offer in this arena.
  4. Functioning Form: Luke Wroblewski's Functioning Form offers extensive information on user interface design.
  5. This is Broken: This is Broken features a round-up and commentary on user experiences, good and bad.
  6. Adaptive Path: Adaptive Path strives to create experiences that “improve people's lives,” and they love to share what they've learned with others.
  7. Boxes and Arrows: The subject matter focuses on interaction design and other closely related topics, but this blog sets an example because it's a peer-written journal composed of mainly user-generated content.
  8. A List Apart: A List Apart's insightful articles cover important issues in design and development with an emphasis on web standards.
  9. UX Matters: This web magazine delivers top-notch content about strategies for improving user experience.
  10. UX Magazine: For this magazine, “user experience is everything.” Check it out for a round-up of all that's important to enhancing user experience.

Accessibility, HCI, web standards, user experience and interaction design, user-centered design, user-centered writing and content are distinguished. There are many other good blogs besides the top 10.


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