Advantages of switching from Windows to Mac

After a month of switching from Windows to Mac, I started thinking about the good things about Mac.


1. The MacBook's appearance and graphic UI are posh.

The MacBook's appearance and graphical user interface seem to have their own emotional attachment. It may be that people are envious of you as if you were wearing luxury clothes or a bag. You will have a clear understanding of Norman's concept of emotional design. The attractive design of the MacBook makes the user who is holding it and using it feel cool. It makes you feel the pleasure of the external design.

Apple - MacBook Air

2. I enjoy using the computer

Comparing the operating system when working through a computer and the software running in it, Windows is efficient and office-friendly, feels like you have to touch the system directly, Mac can work happily rather than efficiently, and focus on the work rather than the system. I feel like doing it. It looks and feels that way, but so does the operating system. Even users who are not familiar with Windows can basically do something faster or if they feel they want to do this, they need to know the Windows system well to do those things. By the way, Mac seems to provide those by default. While hacking Windows makes you feel like an advanced user, Macs don't have to. Of course, because Mac is Unix-based, you need to know Unix well and know the Mac itself to be able to hack. If you are a person who needs to know all about how the operating system works, then Mac may have a higher jaw compared to Windows.



3. Experience fewer system errors

Windows needs to be rebooted every day or whenever there is time to be relieved. Why? That's because Windows crashes or slows down the system significantly. So I turn off my computer when I get home from work and turn it on in the morning. Otherwise, if you are busy working and the system becomes slow, you will have to reboot Windows. The operating system seems to be more stable than Windows. I don't know about security yet, but when I monitor the memory while using it, it seems to manage the memory much better than Windows. Some people say that a system restart is scheduled once every few months, but it seems likely.


4. You can continue the last task the next day

With the effect of number 3, the MacBook doesn't need to shut down when it's done, so just close the lid (?) puts to sleep. So when you want to use it again, open the lid and use it right away. You don't have to shut down your system when you're done, so you can do the same thing you did last time.. Hibernation was also used on Windows, but there were many cases where I couldn't do it properly. About 10 or 7 out of 8 times it failed and took longer than rebooting. The MacBook is a month's experience, so there have been no errors yet.



5. Find out what the graphical user environment looks like

Both Mac and Windows copied Xerox's StarOffice, but the Mac is much richer in hardware and operating system, and importantly faster. I've seen Vista's graphical UI on Mac, but the processing speed literally takes a lot of hardware because it operates on an open hardware structure called IBM-compatible. On the other hand, Mac provides hardware as well, so there are fewer options than IBM compatible PCs, but it seems to work properly in it. However, it doesn't seem that Mac is terribly different from Windows when it comes to graphical user experience. I think the Mac has a more intuitive user interface, software does, and is better in terms of processing speed.


6. There are many tools to manage and search pdf files.

There are many doc, xls, and ppt files, but I have many pdf files for papers and other materials. I'm writing a program to manage document files, but I don't use it. In fact, it doesn't run on Mac... . There are so many tools


7. Do frequent searches

When you search, you think of web search, and spotlight finds not only files in your Mac, but also addresses, emails, and even applications. Search and the graphical user interface make little sense of each other. Search also reminds me of the imperative interface. But I feel myself searching for a lot more than on Windows. Of course, Windows also has a desktop search, and it is included by default in Vista, but it seems to be a very big change to hit the keyboard to run the program and to use one search box. Of course, spotlight's file search only shows the file name compared to the Google desktop search, and there are some inconveniences such as lower accuracy. I don't know if it's because it's a Korean search. Even if you use Google Desktop for detailed text search, spotlight has the advantage of being able to find the area you need at once because it looks like an integrated search.


This article was written in 2007  Switching from Windows to MacI found the article I wrote a month after I did it in the WordPress Draft folder. I'm currently writing the haechae on my blog, but at that time I was blogging in hapshocheIt is in the form of a hapsho body when it was done. (Will you use honorifics in your blog?)

At that time, Office was a bad thing, and I was dissatisfied with Apple Mail as I used to use Outlook well, but I think Office and Apple Mail are fine now.



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