Mapping forward delete keys on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

When updating the OS, you need to check whether the programs you are using support it, but these days, you just update the OS without thinking about it.

I updated to 10.9 today, but I got a warning that DoubleCommand doesn't work while installing

Ugh, there is no forward delete key on the MacBook (a function that deletes the back of a character rather than deleting it while going backwards), and fn + Delete does a forward delete, but this is cumbersome. using doubleCommand open program (Now that I see this blog post in 2007 ^^) I am using the unused right option key by designating it as the forward delete key. Maybe it's because the right option key is to the left of the left and right arrow keys.


macbook key


So I searched KeyRemap4MacBook I checked that the Iranian free program works in 10.9 and installed it.



How to remove DoubleCommand in 10.9

When installing KeyRemap4MacBook, if DoubleCommand is already installed, it cannot be installed.

When I try to uninstall DoubleCommand in the system environment settings, the menu does not appear.  도움말Ebony, you can delete it from the console like this:

You can uninstall it by copying and pasting the following command into the terminal and running it.




Linking forward delete keys with KeyRemap4MacBook 


1. KeyRemap4MacBook Download and install from

At this time, if the message “Cannot be opened because it was distributed by an unverified developer” appears, open the system environment settings, set 'Allow downloaded apps' in the security options to 'Anywhere', and run the installation file again.


mac app security



2. If you want to assign to the right option key on the screen below, find 'Change Option_R Key (Right Option)' and check 'Option R to Forward Delete' below it. To link to another key, just find the key you want.




I couldn't find a paid one, but if the vendor doesn't do it, people release useful programs like this for free, so MacBook life seems to have become more convenient.



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