When mp3 Hangul in iTunes is broken

When importing mp3 files to iTunes, Korean characters such as titles or singer names are sometimes broken.

Why is the Korean language of mp3 files broken in iTunes?

Why is Hangeul broken? mp3 file tag ID3This is because iTunes cannot properly process Korean because it is ID3V1.

Let's start with IDv1. In case of mp1 using IDv3 tag, the reason why Hangul is not displayed is as follows. First, iTunes assumes that the ID3v1 tag is an English tag. And I think the encoding is Latin-1. So, assuming that the tag is a Latin-1 English tag, after converting from Latin-1 to ASCII (actually, from Latin-1 to Unicode), it is displayed. In the case of Hangul, it is recognized and displayed as a Hangul code at the time of display. This is where the ASCII conversion from Latin-1 has a problem. In the case of Hangul, this conversion should not be done, because it is recognized as English unconditionally and undergoes conversion, and because of this, Hangul looks broken.


Difference between version 3.x and version 1.x of ID2 tags

ID3 taghas version 1.x version 2.x. The difference between version 1.x and 2.x seems to be the capacity to store information and whether unicode is used.

Version 1.x records 3 bytes of song title and 256 bytes of singer in the last 30 bytes of an mp30 song. The types of tags that can be recorded are also limited by title, singer, album, production year, etc., and their length is also limited.

Version 2.x made it possible to record indefinitely in units of frames. Just write the title in the title frame and record the album name in the album name frame. ID3v2 can have infinite frames, and frames can also be defined and recorded as needed. In particular, images such as album jackets and singers' images, that is, binary data, can also be included, and lyrics information can be included.



 Convert ID3 tags to version 2

1. Select the files with broken Korean among the mp3 files imported to iTunes, right-click and click Convert ID3 Tag from the menu that appears.

2. In the ID3 tag conversion window, check 'Text Text Conversion' as shown in the figure, select 'ASCII to ISO Latin-1', and click [OK] or [OK] button in Windows to convert.
If there is still a file with broken Korean, you can do 'Restore Unicode'.


Convert iTunes ID3 tags


The picture is a screen capture from a Mac, but it seems that only the buttons look different in Windows.


3. Check 'ID3 tag version' again, and select v2.x from the selection window. In the recently updated iTunes, there is v2.4, just select the latest version. Technical document on the structure of v2.4You can refer to


Convert iTunes ID3 tags


There are software that can tag or manage mp3 tags all at once, not iTunes. mp3tag It seems to be good to use .


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