Marketing that creates a point of view

Andre Gardner'sChange Your Words, Change Your World> There is a promotional video for the book. If you change your words, the world will change.



Watching the video of this book, which is like a self-help book, I thought that this might not be the role of marketing.

The product or service doesn't change, but it's part of what makes people think of this product.

“I am blind. Help me” to “It’s beautiful weather. But I can't see,” he changed his words to “I can’t see,” which made people look at things differently.

beautiful day

There is one more similar video.

The morning wake-up alarm says “Time to go to work!” From “Time to make a difference!” as

written in the past  Difference Between Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, and Branding  와 Positioning research and marketing messages It is also in line with this article.


One of the important roles of marketing is to create a “viewpoint” about what value a product or service will give people, and precisely what value it will make them feel.

Whether a blog is a web log or a book in my life is just as different as it feels to the person who accepts it.

If you look at the description of “000 service does” in a product or service, the functional content of what this service can do, when to use it, what makes it possible, and what you can achieve through it. It makes me think a lot while looking at what it could be or what it could be.

It is important that the person who makes the product sees the user's point of view, sees the message, and creates a point of view.





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