Sunny Gothic and Firefox 3 on Mac

These days, it seems that the default font for web pages is set to be Sunny Gothic. clear gothic office 2007It is a Korean font provided by Vista and it looks prettier than Gulim, so I also designated the default font for the blog as Sunny Gothic from the beginning of this year.

However, when this clear gothic is viewed in Firefox 2 on a Mac, the letter spacing appears overlapping.

If you copy the Sunny Gothic font of Windows to the Mac font, you can use the Sunny Gothic font on Mac as well. However, Chinese characters are not secure. And since the font name is in Korean on Windows, documents written in Sunny Gothic on Windows are recognized as different fonts on Mac.

I didn't know that until I got a Mac. I got my macbook pro 2 weeks ago I found out when I switched from Windows to Mac. I have firefox several extensionsI have been using it for over 2 years and switch to Mac, but use Firefox instead of Safari.


I tried to capture the screen of my blog, which is based on clear gothic.

Sunny Gothic font seen in Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP

It looks fine.

Firefox 2 and Sunny Gothic on Windows


Sunny Gothic seen in Firefox 2 on Mac

You can see that the letter spacing is overlapping. I don't know if the clear gothic font itself is the problem or the font rendering in Firefox 2 is the problem.


Clear Gothic seen in Firefox 2 on Mac



Sunny Gothic on Mac with Firefox 3.0a9pre.en-US

I don't know what has changed with regards to the font, but it looks fine in Firefox 3.

Download the nightly version of Firefox 3.0 so you can install it. Existing Firefox 2 is not upgraded, but installed together, but both are not running at the same time. However, you can use it with Firefox 2 at the same time if you change the profile.

Firefox 3 and Sunny Gothic on Mac



In the end, I changed the font of the blog from 'Clean Gothic' to 'Gulrim'

Changed the font to Arial. Until the full version of Firefox 3 is released, or unless you add the source code that specifies the default font according to the OS and browser, it seems to specify the default font.

I didn't know that cross-browser would get caught in the font called Sunny Gothic.

In Safari, the clear gothic font looks good. The readability of Hangul fonts seems to be the best. But I can't use Safari because of Firefox's plugins. If you go to the auction product information page, there is a part that is not visible in Firefox. In that case, firefox on Windows IE tabClick to view only that page.

Pages with clear gothic are often viewed on safari. IE-only sites should be viewed in parallel. I don't know what this is doing.



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