Receive push notifications for WordPress comments on iPhone

I tried to find out if there is a way to receive push notifications on iPhone when a new comment is posted on my blog in WordPress, but there is a way. There were two methods:



Method 1. WPTouch Plugin + Prowl API + Prowl iPhone App (Paid)


prowl push


1. Make WordPress look good on mobile WPTouch pluginto install

WPTouch is a plugin that optimizes and displays blogs on mobile even without push notifications, so it is recommended for WordPress users.

2. Create an account and get the api

3. Enter api in the WPTouch option on the WordPress admin screen.

4. Prowl: Growl Client  Buy the app from the Apple Store ($2.99) and set it up.

Powlapp can also be set to not receive notifications from what time to what time.



Method 2. Jetpack plugin + integration + WordPress app (free) 


wordpress push


1. on wordpress Jetpack plugininstall and activate

2. To activate the plugin, you must link to If you don't have a account, create one.

The Jetpack plugin has many useful features besides push notifications. Installation and instructions in Korean Jetpack GuidePlease refer to

3. wordpress app for iphoneto install

Add a blog in the WordPress app and check for push notifications.



After writing a comment and testing it with the WordPress app, my blog comments DISQUS I don't know if it's because I'm using the , but it didn't come right away and I got a push notification after a while, but I don't know if it's just this case or if it's really slow. In my case, I am using DISQUS to comment, so I searched for a way to send a push notification directly from DISQUS, but couldn't find it.




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