Dream, make that dream a reality (collection of quotes)


Dream comes true



Few people know how to see from the cotyledons


After being kicked out of the high school basketball team, the boy went home, locked the door, and cried profusely. → Michael Jordan


He didn't speak until the age of four, and his teachers said he would never do well with a child like this. → Albert Einstein


Anyone who saw a rush film about him said that this person would never survive in the film industry →> Harrison Ford


No venture capitalists invested in him. Those people called him the prosper of mankind. He was terribly frustrated at the age of 30 and was kicked out of the company he started to suffer from depression → Steve Jobs


He was fired from the newspaper because he lacked imagination and could not come up with original ideas. → Walt Disney


Marriage broke down, and he was the most unhappy with himself, except for a single mother, a single mother, and a homeless person. → Joanne K. Rowling (Harry Potter author)


The child who left the soccer team after being diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at the age of 11 was exceptionally shorter than his peers. →Lionel Messi (3 times FIFA Player of the Year)


The teacher said to the child that you are too young to learn anything, so you have to enter a field where you can save a good heart and there is a small chance of success → Thomas Edison


The record company refused the contract, saying that he didn't like the sound and had no future in show business → The Beatles


Fiancé's death and eight election failures

15 years old - Lost home and kicked out into the streets.
23 years old - business failure.
24 years old – lost in state legislative elections.
25 years old – Business goes bankrupt (I struggled for 17 years to pay off this debt).
26 years old - Sudden death of fiance.
28 years old – Hospitalized for a nervous breakdown.
30 years old – loses the election for the seat of the Legislature.
32 - Defeated to run for government presidential election.
35 years old - lost the House of Representatives election.
Age 36 - Dropped from the House of Representatives nomination.
Age 40 - Lost in the House of Representatives re-election.
47-year-old loses the Senate election.
48 years old – lost before the nomination for vice president (100 votes).
50 years old – lost for Senate.

→ Abraham Lincoln

(If it was listed like Lincoln, but the main character was President Kim Dae-jung on the Internet, if anyone knows the details, please post a link or content in the comments, thank you)


Lee Dong-wookThis is a translated video.




dream, make that dream a reality

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right (Hanford)

Everyone makes mistakes in life.

When one door closes, another opens, but we stare at the closed door too long and with regret, so as not to see another door open to us (Alexander Graham Bell).

Don't live cynical. That way of thinking doesn't help life at all. No one can live the life exactly the way they expected it to be. But if you work hard and be kind to people, amazing things will happen. ( Conan O'Brien, American National MC)


No one should allow you to say "you can't". You shouldn't even allow it yourself. If you have a dream, you have to keep it. Because people want to say "You can't do it" because they can't. – From the movie <In Search of Happiness>

If you want something, you must get it. Dream of life and make that dream a reality.



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