What is design?

Is interaction design not UX (User Experience)?

Lecture on 'Interaction Design Pattern' on July 7th was offered, "Interaction Design Patterns" Lecturedid

My presentation topic suggested by the organizer, first passed on to other employees in the company, was Office 2007 UX Case Presentation. Perhaps the organizer An article on the UI of Office 2007 by Microsoft. have seen or not Presented by the Korea HCI Research Societylooks like it has been seen.

I'm not even an MS employee, so it didn't seem like they were announcing the Office 2007 UI. The introduction of user research seems to have already been announced by a certain professor, so I sent a presentation about the interaction design pattern.

However, the reply I received from the organizer of the event was surprising.

"This conference is about UX, so it might be a design conference, so the topic of interaction design patterns doesn't seem right."


So I don't know what the definition or scope of UX defined by the organizer is, but the presentation looks like the definition of UX on the HCI side. Even so, I would like to announce it.


This is why I design and design Can you not think about the term? interaction design design but that's it.



The user experience of the UED team at Yahoo!

US Yahoo! done at UED Yahoo! Design Week The reason I posted the contents of 'Design' was because I thought I could think about what the scope of 'user experience' is.


The UED team (User Experience Design, User Experience Design) of Yahoo! in the US is a team in charge of product contents, including planning, design, prototyping, and user research. This is the US Yahoo! User Experience Design is what we think of.

However, in Korea, there are many cases of designing in reality while saying user experience, UX, or UED. Nowadays, there are interaction designers who draw about Wiframe, and there seems to be places where there is user research. However, there doesn't seem to be a department that does all product interaction or product planning. Maybe that's why; it seems that the user experience department is often in the design department rather than the planning department.

After all, organizations and roles seem to vary depending on how companies define the scope of their user experience design.



Designers and Agile Methodology

Design may be different from what design experts think and what non-designers like me think. Either way, I think it's clear that design is not properly treated as design in Korea.

An example is the methodology of developing a product. Shall we learn project management and development models of software engineering in design school? Or do you have the ownership by extending the development model to the entire product in practice?

Agile methodology seems to have become an issue in recent years. Are designers taking the lead here? In my experience, the lead seems to be a planner or a programmer. Designers seem to be collaborating.

I don't want the product development methodology to end with just the engineer's issue of how to build it, not what it is, whether it's a waterfall model, XP, or agile.

If it is a product development methodology that includes how to create an agile methodology, not a software development methodological approach for programmers, but what a product does and how to use it, the designer who designs the product should take the lead. . Of course, there will be a person responsible for the whole product, because I think design is what makes what the product does and how it will be.

As planning and marketing take part of the content of what to make, the software methodology that programmers are approaching these days now deals only with how to make the product, not the entire content of the product. The software development methodology is reduced to how to implement it with computer technology rather than the content of the product.

The reason that designers are not involved in product development methodologies seems to be because many designers in Korea do design without designing, and many people think that way.

I don't know if they teach project management or agile methodology in the design department of the university.


everyone designs

Herbert A Simonsaid, 'Everyone designs.'

You might want to decorate your room like this, and wish there was an object that would do this.

However, there may be designers who do not like this idea. If so, the designer is probably a design person.




Interaction Designer Recruitment

I don't think designing a website makes you think about what it's going to look like with Photoshop, not what kind of content and function it contains and how to use it. So, it seems that the word web planning was coined.

I think UI design is also called UI planning.

99% of the resumes I get when I hire an interaction designer like to draw. Where did you go to design school? Most of them were some kind of design. I wondered if it was because of the 'design' of the interaction design that the web designers applied.

So, although I don't like it, I changed the job posting to 'Info Architect'.

This time, system architects from companies such as Samsung SDS and LG-CNS provided support. The content is the same, only the title has been changed. I guess I just did it as a UI plan.


Design is design, not design.

In my opinion, in Korea design is design-in It seems to be a problem to think. therefore Interaction design is 'design', not design.  As they say, the design is  design or design  shall?



Should I write design as design or planning?


I like the word design, but it seems that more and more designers are thinking of design as design and more and more people are accepting it.


Design is a cool word, but should I really write design as design or planning?

Then it would be like this...

  • UI design vs. UI planning, UI design
  • Product design vs. product planning
  • Web Design vs. web planning
  • interaction design vs. interaction design
  • Research Design vs. research design

It seems like a different word.

What is design really?


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