How to recognize a hard drive with a capacity of 130 GB or more

Windows does not properly recognize high-capacity hard disks larger than 250 GB, such as 130 GB, and sometimes recognizes them as 130 GB or 128 GB.

I bought a new computer for the lab, and the 512GB hard disk was set to 128GB, so I fixed it and organized it.

In terms of hardware, the motherboard must support 48-bit LBA. You can check it in the BIOS, and it seems that most computers these days support it.

And in terms of software, Windows 2000 requires SP3 or higher, and Windows XP requires Service Pack 1 or higher. Windows 98 is not supported at all.

How to make a hard disk larger than 2000GB recognized in Windows 130 and Windows XP

If Windows 2000 is not Service Pack 3, install SP3 or higher through Windows Update and modify the registry below.

In the case of Windows XP, if you install SP2 through Windows Update, you do not need to modify the registry below. For SP1, you need to modify the registry below.

How to change the registry

1. Start -> Run -> Enter regdeit in the Open window and click the OK button

2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Atapi\Parameters

3. Right-click in the window on the right and select 'New' and then select DWORD value. 

Name: EnableBigLba

After entering the name as above, double-click the name to modify the values ​​below.


Value: 1

4. Reboot Windows.

If you have already formatted to 128 GB, after doing the above, run Start - Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management. In the Computer Management program, click 'Disk Management', select the disk and expand it.


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