How to fix “The message passing interface returned an unknown error” in Outlook

"The message passing interface returned an unknown error" while using Microsoft Outlook. In some cases, Outlook does not open. In some cases, it can be done by restarting, but if this happens frequently, in many cases, restarting Outlook does not work.


The message passing interface returned an unknown error.


Most likely the cause of this error message is a problem with the data file that Outlook manages.

Microsoft Outlook is a file called PST, where data is managed, and if this file is restored, it can return to normal. If Outlook is turned on and the computer is turned off without shutting down normally, the file may be corrupted. This is true for Outlook as well as other files.

Microsoft's Knowledge BaseAccording to a program called Scanpst.exe, you can fix Outlook files.

This file is already installed in the directory where Office is installed. Each version of Office is different, so you can search for Scanpst.exe on your computer and find it.

Note that Office 2007 is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12.

When you run Scanpst.exe, the program runs as shown in the picture.



Find the Outlook file you want to scan and click the [Start] button.

You are trying to find the location of the Outlook file to be scanned. If you do not create a new Outlook file and just use it as the first installed one, you can search for the Outlook .pst file and find it.

If you can launch Outlook, you can also see it in the Tools - Account Settings menu.

Alternatively, right-click on 'Personal Folder' in Outlook and select 'Personal Folder Properties... ' , then click [Advanced] to see the location and file name in the file name field.


Outlook PST File Location

This error message only informs the user of Outlook's own error and does not tell the user what to do. It is an interaction design that does not consider the user. The error message should tell not only the error itself, but also the user how to overcome the error.

If the software doesn't tell you, the user will have to call customer service or find it on their own. I've put together a list so that others can solve this in this case as well.


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