Attend the 'Web Service Collaboration Path' panel discussion

Web Applications 2007 This is on June 6st at COEX in Samseong-dong.


In the afternoon session, there was a panel discussion called 'The Path of Web Service Collaboration' and I came to this.

16:10—16:50 Panel Web Development Methodology and Collaboration Path


some minuteof this article 댓글I sent you an e-mail asking me to contact you, and I asked you to attend the panel discussion.

Except for corporate or school lectures that I personally request at conferences or personally, I do not go out of my way because of shame. I don't have any flair to show off. This is not my main job, but our marketing is supporting it, so I decided to go out because I thought it would be fun. giving a lot of money Global Marketing ConferenceI rejected it. What seems to be

I couldn't see the picture, but I had to send it because I asked for it. I was thinking of sending a boat, but everyone else sent their faces, so I sent them too. Considering that there are people who do not have photos yet, I thought I would not have been able to see them. I tried not to see the blog address, but I sent it anyway to see how many people came to the blog. Results so far are few. Again, it seems like he's not interested.

I am a little worried. I think there are a lot of developers who are interested in technology and implementation because there are a lot of technical things being discussed.

In 1996, when I was young, I developed a web application in CGI method in C in the days of db connectionless web. Most intranet platforms now are web, but back then, it was a client-server-style Windows environment or a host-type, and I was a part of starting the web environment. Anyway, now Windows programming or web Programming is for turning your headI am just using it to make things I want to make simple. Like the topic of panel discussion, we are collaborating with developers.

Short career, I was once a programmer, UI designer, and information strategy, but my current job is research in marketing and user experience. Therefore, not from the perspective of technology or implementation, but 'user-centered product development' from the point of view of HCI, and from the point of view of marketing or strategy, I try to attend with the attitude of the goal of increasing market share and making a profit. Not the technology itself, not the implementation itself, but the original purpose of creating a web application.

I don't know how much will be covered in a short panel discussion. A panel discussion can bring up issues that are here and there, or potential issues, and can have an in-depth discussion on one issue. The time is not very short, but due to the nature of the discussion itself, the discussion may end without a conclusion. But I think the important thing is that different perspectives are discussed.

CHI Society Panel DiscussionIt is very helpful in practice because only practitioners are present. Panel discussion on user research strategy I tried chairing, and when I look at the experience of participating as a spectator (?) It's not really fun when the panelists take turns giving presentations one by one..

So, the chairperson manages only the topic of discussion, and the discussion between panels or between the panel and the floor, floor to floor discussionI suggested how to do it.

The moderator said it was risky, but he wanted to cut down on individual presentation time and allow for as many discussions as possible.

In fact, I don't know how well I'll do either. However, the panel discussion is more vivid than the prepared lectures, so it seems to give another fun. I hope that you will learn a lot by listening to the stories of different perspectives in the yard you decide to go out anyway.

If you have any questions during the panel discussion, Please post a question in advance I hope When asking a question, you can say 'Panel 2 - Path to Web Development Collaboration'. If you ask a question, the participation fee is free.

Questions are already coming up, and there are a lot of questions that are difficult to answer in a short time. I'm worried...


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