Turn your smartphone into iPhone style

iPhone looks pretty, fun, and intuitive because its design and interactions resemble the Mac's operating system.


I wanted to try using the iPhone interaction with my smartphone.
I don't have the skills to make it, so I looked for it because it was obviously made by commercial tools or individuals.

I couldn't find an application that does iPhone-style interaction, but there is a way to make the desktop, program list, and phone calls in the iPhone style.


iLaunch for Pocket PC There is a commercial program called You can try installing the demo.


wisbar advanced can be used to make it look like an iPhone.

ozankilic There is a package that makes your Pocket PC look like an iPhone on the blog. If you donate, they will send you a package. You must have a program to use, such as wizbar advanced and wizbar advanced desktop. downloadable linkthere is




iPhone theme in QVGA is the commercial Wisbar Advanced and the freeware rlToday I made it possible to decorate it like an iPhone using .




I also tried changing my granulator (RW-6100) like an iPhone.

iphone style rw-6100 iphone style rw-6100


It looks plausible, but it's a bit inconvenient. iPhone only has a clock on the Start screen, everything else is locked and unlocked to see the list of programs. The most inconvenient thing compared to the existing Pocket PC Today is that you can see the schedule, weather, battery, etc., in Today of the Pocket PC, but you can't see it on your iPhone.

Wisbar Advanced is a bit slow and Today is inconvenient, so I just decided to continue using the existing Today.


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