How my child eats watermelon

My 19 month old spit watermelon right after biting it when eating.

At first, I thought it would only suck water and throw away the flesh, but what it does is bouncing like watermelon seeds.


(watermelon photo source)


suddenly, In Rubens's The Old Man and the Woman Don't judge by appearance alone I remember thinking that.

19 months is the age of being able to understand everything and imitating older brothers and adults. I wonder if I learned how to eat watermelon by watching adults spit out watermelon seeds when eating watermelon.

A watermelon eats the flesh and spits out the seeds inside, but my child does not distinguish the flesh from the seeds and spits them out as soon as the watermelon is cut.

To imitate others is to observe them well, and to follow them well even if you know the reason properly and follow them. Otherwise, like our children, we may throw away the real kernel of watermelon like a seed.


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