How to download youtube videos as flv, avi, mpeg files

Internet video sites have increased in the past year, and it seems that videos can be viewed easily with a web browser.

In many cases, video sites convert avi or mpeg files to flash files so that they can be viewed easily without installing a separate program in the Internet browser. Of course, flash streaming seems to be rare. Flash streaming solutions are said to be very expensive, and I don't know if that's why.

It seems that the video of the flash part is not a streaming method, but a progressive method that can be played while downloading.

Internet video sites are booming, and user-created content is also shared, so there are many useful videos.



Sometimes you need to download it to your PC and not your web browser. You can put lectures and presentation videos in your PDA phone and watch it with you, or you may need to download it to use it as a presentation material.

Google Video provides the ability to save directly from the website, but YouTube does not, so you have to use programs.

VideoDownloader After downloading the flash file to Incredibly to convert it to an avi file. Of course, both of these are for public use.


However, I recently found vdownloader You can directly download the program called avi or mpg file. Of course, it's for public use.

Download and unzip to a folder, there are 3 jingle files. Of these, you can run VDownloader.exe. There is no separate installer. I thought about making it an installer, but it doesn't seem necessary.

Currently version 0.5 and it works fine.

Sites that can be downloaded with vdownloader are listed below.


When you run it, the following screen appears. Copy the URL from YouTube or Google Video, put it in the VIDEO URL, and press the [Download] button to save it on your PC. You can download multiple files at the same time.



In version 0.5, a search function was added.

You can search by keyword directly from this window without having to search for it with a web browser and copy the URL.



Double-click the video you want to download from the search results to download it to your PC.



It seems to be useful software. It's also free.



I'm trying to send an email so that I can download the domestic site too, but I can't find the developer email. Do you know anyone?


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