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VirtualDub is freeware software that allows you to edit videos.

  • You can compress the video and change the format. In order to compress the video, the video codec (codec) must be installed.
  • You can cut the desired part of the video and save it as another file (사용 방법)
  • You can combine two video files into one file (사용 방법)
  • You can take a screenshot of a video

avi is provided by default.

Because asf files are not supported after VirtualDub V1.3c due to Microsoft's copyright, use 1.3c to edit asf files.

mpeg file to be edited. You must use VirtualDub-MPEG (

<<Hangul VirtualDub User Meeting>> ( in Korean, and created an installation program that can be installed all at once without the need to separately download MPEG.

If you are not a member of Daum Cafe, please visit Downloadable You may




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