MacBook late 2009 (albino) HDD replacement

I replaced the 500 MB with a 1 TB hard disk because there was not enough hard disk space to store and manage photos on my MacBook albino at home. As I was preparing for the replacement, I referred to several blogs, so I will leave it as a record.

albino macbook specs


When I bought it in 2009, I had 4 GB of memory and upgraded it to 500 GB.


Can I use a 2009TB hard disk in a MacBook I bought in 1?


  • conclusion is possible
  • It is SATA 1, but SATA 2 and SATA 3 support downwards. 


What HDD specs to buy?

  • 2.5 inch, height 9mm, SATA/SATA2/SATA3 (make sure to check the thickness of 9mm)
  • 5400 RPM (7200 RPM is said to consume more battery)
  • 1TB

What HDD did you buy?


How to replace hard disk in macbook albino

  • 준비물
    • Phillips screwdriver (glass screwdriver): Used to unscrew the back of the MacBook and fix the hard disk to the laptop.
    • T6 separate drive (hex wrench): Unfasten the hard disk in the MacBook


How to replace

1. Loosen the back screw with a Phillips screwdriver


2. Loosen the screw that fixed the hard disk with a glasses screwdriver.


3. Loosen the four screws on the hard disk and insert it into the new hard disk. In this case, a star-shaped screwdriver is required.


4. Reinsert the new hard disk with the fixing pin and lock the fixing bracket.

5. Insert the back plate and lock the screws

At this time, the back plate enters by pressing the sides and the center.


I watched the video below.


 Create a bootable disk on a USB stick , Boot to a USB memory bootable disk, format it, and install OS X.

There is a way to back up the data of the old MacBook to a time capsule or to back up and restore some, but I just backed up the photo data and a few and reinstalled it neatly.




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