Simple Image Gallery Requirements

For image galleries on the web flickr are using . Although flickr is convenient and has good functions, I do not know how long it will be available for a fee, so I am trying to build it myself.

I'm thinking of replacing the tools that my family and relatives use to collect albums, interaction design patterns, images for blog posts, images, videos, and flashes that can give ideas.

Here are the image gallery requirements I'll be using for simplicity.

An open source with only basic functions (the source should be simple so that I can add or modify functions later)

When you upload the original, 3 thumbnails are automatically created.

  1. Thumbnails in albums (75*75 pixels)
  2. Newest photo net browsing thumbnail (240 pixels)
  3. View Contents Photo Thumbnails (500 Pixels)


  1. Even if you upload a file to FTP, it should automatically recognize the file and form a gallery. If this happens, it will be convenient for uploading if you create a separate program like Flickr Uploader.
  2. Even if the file is deleted by FTP, the db of the gallery must be updated.


  1. Album (corresponding to Flickr's set), list of albums
  2. Thumbnails in albums should be specified as 75x75 pixels in size.

View image list

  1. Browsing thumbnails of photos in latest order: Even if each album contains photos, you should be able to browse through all the photos in the most recent order like Flickr. Thumbnail browsing in the latest order should be around 240 pixels wide, like Flickr.
  2. The thumbnail image creation method doesn't matter whether cropping or just thumbnails are used.
  3. It would be nice to be able to edit the title and content right from the list, or not.
  4. It would be nice to be able to delete photos directly from the list. Or it should be able to be deleted in the content view
  5. You should be able to see the description and the number of comments in the list.

View image content

  1. The image content view is displayed in the specified size of about 500 pixels, not the original. Instead of showing it, it creates a thumbnail of that size.
  2. Set aside the original view link. Enables you to see thumbnails of each size in a flickrarrum
  3. You must be able to enter a title and content
  4. You should be able to comment. It is good to use the WordPress comment DB for comments, or save them separately. If you save it separately, you should have a list of comments for your gallery.

Random Gallery: It should be able to display in WordPress by randomly taking out some of the images so that it can be used in WordPress.

Theme: May or may not be present. You can just make it by hand
Tags: good to have, not if not
I wish I could use flash or video as well.
Geo tags: Good if you have, not if you don't.
Slideshow: Good to Have and Not Without
Badge: Good if you have, not without

There seem to be many open sources for image galleries. Gallery seems to be the most functional among them. But it's a bit complicated. function or source. I think thumbnails, contents, and comments are sufficient rather than complicated functions. Gallery gave up once.

many like me Those who are concerned about public image gallery sources there is this I look for open sources that have simple enough to modify the source and have good basic functions.

zenphoto seems fine. It seems to be useful if we add some functions to this and create a simple application.


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