The feeling of seeing comments on my post on the pumfit mashup site

I followed Rogue's Ruffer and saw a site I hadn't seen before. There, I saw my article, and there were comments.

It's only natural for my posts to appear elsewhere because I've been through RSS feeds. It's okay for my post to appear elsewhere as a mashup, but Other people's opinions about my posts are not mine, but on the siteHanging on it didn't feel good as the owner of the article. It's not the fact that the comment was made, it's because the comment was put on it.




I followed the referrer and saw some people posting a link to an article on a bulletin board and sharing it, and I could see comments on it. But compared to that, it didn't feel good to have a comment on a mashup made by taking RSS.

Posts can be communicated only when they receive feedback from others. However, if the comment on the article runs in the place where the mashup was created, it cannot be known from the original article.

If you do not send a trackback and just link and quote from an article, it is difficult to know which article linked my article. So, using the log wrapper Find articles that link to my blog I also tried


Please send the track to the original post

In order to view the contents of an article in a service that displays a list of articles in RSS, you must go to the relevant site. However, the comments depend on the site, so the original article doesn't know if there are other opinions on the article.

If there is a comment on the mashup site, you can send a trackback to the original post, and you will be able to see the page on which the comment was made through the trackback in the original post. The content of the article should go to that site, but the comments are on will also send this page a trackback to the original post, so it will be able to display a link from the original post to where it was commented on.


It is good to create a new service through RSS feed and to post comments on it, but it would be nice to know what kind of comments were made on the original post.

Sharing/Opening/Platform It seems to be the motto of whether this is Web 2.0 or 3.0, whether or not it is a platform that provides a place of communication only through a program without the effort of creating content, whether it is a platform or not, the authors and opinions of the original content I think it's not polite to let people communicate and let them know where the article is being used.

Just because you have RSS feeds doesn't mean you can do everything at will.



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