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In recent years, it seems that people use social media such as Facebook or Twitter a lot, so the number of blog posts seems to have decreased, but there are still many articles worth reading on the blog.

reading tools As summarized in , blog subscriptions are via Google Reader, and when reading, use a flipboard.

These days, I mainly use the Safari browser on Mac, and it was cumbersome to copy the website's RSS address and put it in Google Reader, but there aren't many new blogs I subscribe to, so I looked for a Safari extension after using it for reference.

I wanted to add a subscription to Google Reader right from the Safari browser.

what I found Add to Google Reader It is an extension program.




Download it and double-click it to go to the right side of Safari.

Now, if you want to go to the blog and subscribe to the Google Reader, simply press the button. Then add it to Google Reader and go to the Google Reader site.

Find the RSS icon, copy the address, go to the Google Reader website and click the Add Subscribe button, all with a single button on the toolbar.


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