User Experience, 2007 Global Marketing Conference

5 16~ 17at work 2007 Global Marketing Conferencewas at the Grand Hilton Hotel.

Subject is 'user Experience' was.

user Experience


However, at the marketing conference Why the topic 'user Experience' would you have caught it?

If you look at the website, it says:

product/As important as the development and implementation of services is a marketing strategy that manages the customer experience..


Your marketing strategy will include user experience., User experience isn't all about marketing.


I got an email and a phone call from a conference host a few months ago.. Please give a presentation about user research..

So I asked a question.

UI, User research, The user experience part isn't the marketing field, so why hold a conference in marketing?

The answer, as I recall, is not necessarily in the field of marketing., This is because the field of user experience is important recently..

In the marketing field, the user's experience part is dealt with in experiential marketing and emotional marketing.. User experience in one word HCI User research and product planning in the field, UI part that actually refers to the content of the product.

It doesn't matter whose domain is important, it seems to mean that 'user' and 'user experience' are important in any domain now.

Opening Speech at CHI 2006 Creating 'Game-Changing' Innovation After passing through the prestigious path of marketing
Co-founder of Intuit Scott CookI don't think it's an extension of this.


Contents of the conference

1The first was a celebrity announcement. 2The first day was a presentation for each session..


1primary KTF The case was a marketing strategy case., issue1 Emotional Branding & Customer Experience design~A story about causality and brands, issue2 Interaction Design is the co-founder of IDEO and 'Designing Interactions' the author of the book HCI It was a field story.. issue3 Experience the Interaction World was a story of a brand and psychology asking to be called a brand psychotherapist..

2I don't know about the first one, If you look at the table of contents, the marketing department and product development department, UI Department, It seems that a professor related to user research participated in the presentation..



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