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I was looking for a way to display blog posts on a timeline (posts are displayed on the time axis), and I found WP SIMPLE Timeline in 2009. Visualize blog posts over time 와 Timeline information visualization see article


Since dobiho.com does not record daily life, the timeline may not be very useful, but since WordPress can be used by several people, a team blog such as a family newspaper used by the family seemed useful.

in 2009 I changed my family newspaper to Twitter., After changing the family newspaper to the form of Twitter It was convenient to just input the content without a title, but it was a pity that I could only view the articles according to time as an archive.




I thought the timeline visualization on Facebook was also good, so I was looking for a theme for WordPress and found it!

Also WordPress!!!

Timeline WP  is a WordPress theme almost like Facebook Timeline.

http://www.timeline-wp.com You can try out the demo

It is not possible to just download the theme, 여기 Click the download theme in , log in with Twitter or Facebook, and write a promotional post to see the link.


Below is a Facebook theme applied to dobiho.com.


I applied a theme to dobiho.com and left it for a few days to see how it feels.

It's like Facebook, so I sometimes wonder if people will comment with a Facebook feel.

It seems interesting to visualize blog posts on a map, on a time axis, tags, and movie/book items. The following are various visualizations of dobiho.com's articles in WordPress.


What computers are good at and what humans are good at, once a person enters an input, the computer can show it in many ways. People behave according to how they see them. A certain value changes depending on how it is displayed, and it seems that the information is revealed well depending on what form it is shown.



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