What a successful business strategy and product development have in common

User-centered management strategy

3 factors that make business strategy successfulHowever, the recent management strategy seems to be becoming more user- or consumer-oriented not only for communication for general consumers but also for internal communication.

I don't know how 'user-centered' it is in the process of implementing business strategies, but it seems that more and more companies are choosing 'user-centered' as their business strategy to achieve their corporate goals.


Successful user-oriented product development starts with understanding user needs.

2007 Korean HCI Society as a tutorial 'User research for user-centered product developmentAs mentioned in ', in order to create a user-centered product, the creator must understand the user, acknowledge the difference between the creator and the user, and overcome this. The best way is user research.


The start of successful management strategy execution begins with understanding the needs of employees.

In a strategy, it is said that implementation is emphasized rather than establishment.

Managers do not make products or do marketing themselves. That's what the executives and employees do. Therefore, when it comes to implementing the management strategy, the role of the executives and employees is important, so they are involved in the process of establishing and implementing the strategy.

Therefore, the manager identifies and understands the needs of employees and satisfies them. In particular, the more productive the job is, the higher the dependence on employees will be. We will go back to the factory, but humans are complex animals, so if there is no trust in the manager, the company, or the colleagues, the company is at risk.

Trust between managers and employees is important, and management strategies should be well understood and moved in one direction.

In the end, in terms of trust as well as management strategies between managers and employees, managers make various efforts.

I think there are similarities between successfully implementing business strategy from a manager's point of view and a product developer developing user-centered products.

Other things aside, the manager must know the management requirements of the executives and employees, and the developer must meet the user's requirements.

Since the creators and the users are different, collecting and understanding the needs of users and making products that fit them is the basic concept of user-centered product development in my opinion.

Likewise, in order to implement the management strategy, the manager must collect and understand what the executives and employees who are the subject of the implementation need the company so that the executives and employees can implement the management strategy.


Communication between managers and employees

Managers or executives hold meetings and hold various workshops to understand the needs of employees.

Some executives post on the company intranet, while others send emails every day. A manager compiling emails sent to employees and publishing them in a bookThere is also.

Executive sending video message on mobile phoneThere is also. It also operates a proposal system and conducts a survey for employees.

Most of these methods seem to be for communication between management and employees.

Samsung's SINGLE is now called My Single, but its original purpose is to be a platform for communication between all Samsung employees, from the chairman to the junior staff.


Just as product developers understand user needs through user research in order to develop user-centered products, it seems very important for managers to understand and understand the needs of employees in order to enable them to practice management strategies.


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