Wedding group photos and user experience

I went to Mokpo for my cousin's wedding.


After the wedding, there is always a broadcast telling you to take a photo.

“Families and friends of the guests, please come out and take a picture.”

“Among the guests, the bride and groom friends and co-workers, please take a photo.”


Every time I go to a wedding and take photos, I think, “Why don’t you give your wedding photos to guests?”

Wedding invitations are sent like a ghost by knowing their address or e-mail address.


wedding photo


While the photographer was tidying up, I ran out and took a quick shot with my camera. Everyone is natural, right?


For this cousin's wedding, relatives from older generations came, centered on the father and brother, and again all the generations of fathers and children gathered.
It has been a long time since the family has been together.

When you go to a wedding and take pictures, some people say, “I have my face stamped.” However, on the other hand, wedding photos are not only a face stamp saying that they have come, but also a family photo or a photo of friends.

The bride and groom, please send a wedding photo

My father asked me to take a picture with my aunt and grandmother. So I took a picture and wrote down my home address. My aunt and grandmother, who are over XNUMX, don't use e-mail, so I'll send it to you by mail. I thought that it was natural to send a photo once it was taken.

By the way, why didn't you show us the group photo of the wedding?


Married parties rarely see each other after a year or two.

Even if the married people don't see it, I would like to send the photos to the address where the wedding invitation was sent or the email address to the people who were photographed.

Some of my friends politely went on their honeymoon and sent emails to their friends saying they had a good trip.


Wouldn't it be nice to send a group photo of the wedding to relatives and friends gathered together thanks to the wedding ceremony, since I won't be charged for a photo shoot?

Photography is a memory of experience, so if you send me a photo, I think we can share the memories of the wedding for a longer time.

The bride and groom are busy even after they have been on their honeymoon, so it would be good if a business that provides wedding services can handle it for you.


As I was thinking about the wedding photos, I suddenlyThe Experience Economy> I remembered the book. In this book, user experience and business are well documented.


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