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This winter is exceptionally cold and snowy, but since it's winter, I wanted to make it snow on my blog as well.

I did it when it snowed like this on my blog

  1. I have to read the text, I hope it doesn't snow
  2. I wish it came only in the background
  3. It would be better if the snow piles up and then it piles up a lot and falls
  4. I hope it doesn't use a lot of CPU resources

While trying to find JavaScript, I thought that there must be someone who made a plugin among those who use WordPress, so I looked for it.

I knew it! There are many.


I downloaded some and tested them.

Some make it snow on their own when winter arrives, while others make it snow by checking the weather.

In some events, I found that it was better to see the snow fall than to make it snow automatically. Wp Snow Effect It's a plugin. This plugin is installed on the blog now.



I couldn't find anything complicated like snow accumulation, and it was only snowing, and I decided not to let it fall only in the text.


No need to download and upload to FTP Wp Snow Effect You can search for plugins and install them right away.

wordpress facebook theme However, I want to know what is wrong with WordPress.

What I haven't found yet, I need to find a plugin that creates a gallery by extracting images from the article, and a plugin that creates multiple actual sizes when uploading images (I am currently using the zenphoto code after modifying the zenphoto code).


* If you have other interesting snowy plug-ins, please introduce them in the comments.


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