Next Top page reorganization and color identity

Next Top Page Reorganization

next ('s home page (daum says it's called the top page) seems to have been reorganized on May 5st.

I went to daum


The first impression is white. What stands out compared to the previous one seems to be that the blue of the search bar area has been removed and changed to white. Come to think of it, I can see the logo of DAUM well.

And it seems to emphasize UCC (User Created Contents).

It's something I don't like to take a screenshot and analyze it without knowing how it was made internally, but I have something to think about, so I'll do this.


What color do you think of when you think of daum?

yellow? Orange? green? blue?

Looking at the reorganized, what color is impressive?

yellow? Orange? green? blue? White?


What did you say?

Have any of you ever answered yes? ^^

I don't know much about color identity, but color identity is probably what everyone distinguishes by color.

If a specific color is well recognized by people, the Internet experience can be appealed to users simply through cross-media advertising on TV.
Color is easier to recognize at a glance than text.



Recognition of color comes from logo and impressive parts?

As part of your market research, you do a brand index survey, and you find something interesting while continuing to track your perception of colors.

The color identity of a product that ordinary people perceive seems to be impressively remembered from the color of a fairly popular product or logo.
By the way, the interesting thing is daum among the portals.

Like ebay, daum has four colors in its letters, so will people remember one of those colors? Or will you remember them all?

daum and ebay logo



In this case, I do not know what marketing or web design people who are thinking about color identity do.
It's not common, so it seems like you're worried a lot.


Color is something that is visible, but it seems that colors can be associated with things such as impressions and feelings. What is this and what color is it? what color are you etc.
I don't know about meaningful colors, let's talk only with visible colors


Again, what color do you think of when you think of daum?

Look at the screen below and answer the questions. yellow? Orange? green? blue?



daum home reorganized in September 2006 You can see a little comparison with the previous one.



Among those who use or occasionally use daum, what color comes to mind when you think of daum?




It's interesting to follow the brand index survey results here, and Daum's change in perception of color is interesting.
At some point, awareness of a color increases.


It seems that people recognize a certain representative color from a prominent, important, and representative thing.


I don't know what daum is pursuing for daum's color identity, but you can guess what the user feels from the example above.


Perhaps daum had a lot of concerns about color identity.
And I don't know if there was a treatment for color identity in this home reorganization of daum. It may have been made white to emphasize the four colors of DAUM.


design - innerIn marketing, I see a lot of thought about whether to go with the company's color for the color of the website or brand activity.

In particular, when the logo has multiple colors, such as daum or ebay, it seems to be a problem how to color the other parts. Maybe you can be free from the color of the logo.

When I was in the graduate school lab, another team did a study on the color identity of a portal company, but it's a pity I didn't look closely.

Regarding the daum reorganization, there is still no press release and no page explaining the reorganization, so we cannot understand the original intention of the color.

I wonder what kind of worries you had about daum's color identity. There must have been internal conflicts, but I think there are lessons to be learned.



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