Individual entrepreneurs VAT and global income tax report to Easy Shop (recommended ID for Easy Shop)






For sole proprietors, this is all it takes to manage books, tax returns, and payroll.

After registering as a sole proprietorship, individual entrepreneurs easy shopI found out that they are filing a tax return or issuing a tax invoice. The monthly fee is also the cheapest at Easy Shop.

In the case of simple taxation, a simple ledger was used, and when changing to a general taxpayer, the double ledger is not obligatory, but the double ledger is used in order to receive a double book deduction when filing a tax return.

I thought the doubles book would be difficult, but just like a simple ledger that records pocket money entries, Easy Shop takes care of it. This seems to be the most comfortable.


As usual, it automatically collects credit cards and tax invoices, so you can automatically create a ledger just by entering the details just like you would write a pocket money entry entry.

Even when filing VAT or global income tax with this book, I didn't go to the National Tax Service, but just reported it to the National Tax Service using the ledger I made here.


Although I learned a lot of tax-related information that individual entrepreneurs need to know on the Internet, it was not easy to manage the books and file a report.

Instead of using a service such as Easy Shop, you can create a ledger in Excel and report it to Hometex of the National Tax Service. I've tried it once, but it's usually cumbersome to write a book. Hometex was difficult to manage as credit card information was displayed after a week or so.

Even if you are not obligated to keep a doubles book, there are tax benefits to using a doubles book, but it is difficult to write a doubles book in Excel. So I decided to just pay the money to the easy shop and manage the books.

For tax returns such as VAT return or global income tax return, acquaintances do it through a tax accountant, and Easy Shop was much cheaper than the cheapest tax accountant that the acquaintance does. My friend gave me credit card details when I gave it to the tax accountant once a year. So, I thought it would be better to just record it in the Easy Shop ledger.

If you have employees, you will have to do a lot of troublesome things such as filing monthly withholding tax. Then it is better to leave it to a tax accountant and focus on the business. Of course, you have to pay a monthly fee to the tax agent. I have a low income, so I have to study and work hard to reduce expenses, so I write my own books and handle salaries and taxes.

If you ask questions at the easy shop, the answers are friendly, and the educational video is well done, so you can follow along.

It is not an application to install, but a web application. Fortunately, as a Mac user, I am using Safari.

However, in order to import credit card sales statements from credit card companies or to report Hometax, you need an official certificate and ActiveX, so you need to turn on the Windows computer. Fortunately, once the credit card was registered on the Windows computer, it was successfully imported from Mac Safari. The most commonly used thing is to take credit card sales slips and record them in the ledger.







1 month free trial

Nowadays, there is a mobile app dl subscription system that pays monthly or annually, but services such as b2b service and easy shop have already provided a monthly fee system since there was no term subscription system.

I saw the introductions of individual businesses on YouTube about how easy Shop is, but I still wanted to try it out, so I signed up as a free member, tried various functions, and then switched to a paid regular member.


Free membership benefits

The free member benefits are as follows:

  • 1 month free use of ledger
  • 10 e-tax invoices
  • Card sales and deposit management (easy check)
  • tax advisor
  • Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship (Book) Free



When you sign up for a free member, enter a recommended ID to receive a 1 won discount on the regular membership fee

I didn't know when I signed up, but this time I saw that there was a recommender system in the educational video guide email about VAT return. what a waste.

If you convert to a regular member after entering the ID of the existing EasyShop in the recommender at the time of membership registration, the recommended person will receive a 1 won discount on the regular membership registration fee, and the recommended person will receive a 2-month simple book or 1 month double-book subscription.

In this case, the recommended ID must be a regular member who is a paid member of Easy Shop.


Suggested ID when signing up for free membership: dobiho

When registering as a member, enter dobiho in the referrer ID.




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