Power manager smart plug initialization and registration in the app

FromB Heater Fan Electric Heaterbought I decided to measure the electricity bill because it was an electric heater, so I thought it wouldn't cost a lot.

Among smart plugs, domestic products are power manager smart plugMeasures and records not only current consumption, but also hourly and daily consumption.

When I opened the Power Manager app after a long time, it came out that there was no registered plug. There are two PowerManager smart plugs, but none of them are visible.

I found a way to initialize the smart plug, initialize it, and then register it to the iPhone again.





Reset Power Manager Smart Plug


Initialization is simple.

Remove the smart plug from the outlet, press the power button, plug it into the outlet, hold it for 12 seconds, and then release the button.
The LED blinks twice when the button is held down.




Registering the Power Manager Smart Plug in the App

The smart plug is directly connected to the router and works. To do so, you need to connect the smart plug to the router with the app.

The router cannot be registered at 5Ghz, but must be registered at 2.4GHz. xiaomi smart plugxiaomi air purifier, xiaomi robot vacuum cleanerOnly 2.5GHz was registered.


  1. Press the [ADD] button in the Home of the Power Manager app.
  2. Select the plug product to be registered.
  3. Click the [Next] button in the device registration description.
  4. Connect the wi-fi on the smartphone to the Wi-Fi starting with DWD-S. This is the smart plug address.
  5. Connect to the 2.4GHz router. If you have set a password, enter the password.
  6. If left alone, device registration is automatically completed.



You can check that the device is properly registered.




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