A collection of 2022 major insurance premium credit card automatic payment events in 4

Employees do not have to worry about payment because the four major social insurances (health insurance, national pension, employment insurance, and industrial accident insurance) are withheld from their wages.

However, individual entrepreneurs who become local health insurance premiums due to retirement or retirement, or who have to pay the four major insurances, must directly pay the four major insurance premiums each month.

You can make automatic payments to your account, or you can make automatic payments with a credit card.



Payment of 4 major insurance premiums

Payment of the 4 major insurance premiums is on the 10th of each month

Payment must be made by the 10th of each month, but there is arrears in the 4 major insurance premiums. Arrears are calculated on a pro-rata basis for the date of overdue and included in the insurance premium for the following month.



If insurance premiums are overdue, sole proprietors cannot receive the Durinuri subsidy.

If a sole proprietor receives the Durinuri Social Insurance subsidy, if the premium is overdue, the subsidy will not be available.


bank direct debit

You can apply for direct debit from a bank or corporation.


There is a fee when paying by credit card for the 4 major insurances

The 4 major insurance premiums must be borne by the person who pays the card fee when paying by credit card.

  • Credit Card: 0.8%
  • Check Card” 0.5%


When paying by credit card, the card fee is 0.8%, so if you pay 50 won, the card fee is 4,000 won. I don't know how many points I will earn by paying with a credit card, but the card fee may be higher than the points.



Cashback, interest-free installment, fee free/discount when paying 4 major insurance automatically by credit card

I applied for a bank account transfer, but if there is not enough balance in my account, it may be delinquent. So I figured out how to automatically pay by credit card again.


1 major insurance automatic payment events by credit card every 3 months (January-March, April-June, etc.)

We checked whether there is a cashback for the card fee waiver when paying for the four major insurances with a credit card.

Looking at each credit card company, most of the credit card companies offer four major insurance automatic payment events every quarter, from January to March and from April to June.


4 major insurance automatic payment events (2022.1.1~3.31)

If you apply for automatic payment during this period, there are benefits such as cashback, interest-free installment, and free/discounted fees.

구분 cashback Payment agency fee interest-free installment
KB Kookmin Card

(Application for automatic payment, 1577-9900)

5,000 원

– Cash back when paying for the first time by the end of the following month after applying for automatic payment during the period

– Customers who do not have automatic payment history after January 2021


Discount up to 4 per month

-Credit card: billing discount, check card: refund within 3 business days after approval

-Credit card: up to 500 million won per month in insurance premium, check card: up to 800 million won discount applied, excess amount is charged to customer

- Discount for the first 3 months without any conditions of use (limited to customers who have not had automatic payment history since January 2017)


Shinhan Card none none

2-7 months interest-free installment benefits

-10 month slim installment: interest borne by the customer in the 1st to 3rd months (interest waived in the 4th to 10th months)
-12 month slim installment: interest borne by the customer in the 1st to 4rd months (interest waived in the 5th to 12th months)


I looked at the credit card company event page, but the next credit card company doesn't have an event yet.

We will update when an event occurs (If you find an event, please leave it in the comments and we will update it)



Application for automatic credit card payment

I use a business card KB Kookmin Gaon Platinum Card exempt from overseas remittance feesI applied for automatic payment with KB Kookmin Card.

KB Kookmin Card Application for automatic payment You can apply directly at the KB Kookmin Card automatic payment customer center (1577-9900) to ask if it will be this month. However, health insurance information is not yet available. It has changed to a region, so the payment address came in December, but it doesn't seem to have been passed to the credit card company yet.

Like me, I came to Jiro after changing to a new area, but there are cases where insurance premium information has not been transferred to the credit card company, so I think I will have to apply for automatic payment after a month or two.


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