My 2021 as seen through ticktick, a to-do management app

For to-do management ticktick) is used. Tick ​​Tick is one of the to-do management apps like GTD (Get Things Done). I am subscribing to link with the calendar.

He plays alone, but he still manages schedules, to-dos, and projects. It's just a habit. On the contrary, there are no meetings and there is no one to order, so even if you play alone, you have to do something like this to be able to play even a little better.


A banner appeared on TikTik in January. It's Tic Tick Memory in 1.





It might be better to do one more thing while planning and recording what you have done, but I think it is better to record it in the long run. everything I don't record it, but I do it roughly and accurately.

According to Tick Tick, I completed 2021 tasks in 3,428. August was the busiest month.



On August 8th, 4 tasks were performed in one day.

Looking at what I did on August 8th, nothing special happened.




I had my own achievement score, but it seems that I am in the top 1%. 😆

The list I made recently in the iOS app was out of sync, so when I inquired, it was that I had exceeded the maximum number of lists I could make for free. 😆 There is no maximum number in Mac, but there seems to be a problem only in iOS. I do write quite a bit.




Even if I play alone, my to-dos seem to increase as I increase, but not decrease.

People should not trust their own will. The will can only be used a few times in a lifetime. To control me, I have to control the environment and circumstances, not my will. One of the ways I control myself seems to be schedule, to-do, and project management.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to create the to-do management service that I envisioned, but thinking about such a thing is my hobby. As long as the new year is alive, I think I will continue to manage my schedule and to-dos like iCal and tick-tick.


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