A site collection that monitors and alerts you if a site is dead.

Apply ssl to blogAfter a few days, my blog access became slow and I couldn't connect. I rebooted the server and it worked fine, but after a day or so, I couldn't connect again.

There seems to be something wrong with my manual settings using multiple domains. So I removed ssl and restored it. I thought I'd take a snapshot before applying ssl. I thought there would be no problem because I could do it in 5 minutes, but it seems that I have a problem because I messed up the settings.

You can't always check if your blog is alive. Is there a way to tell if my site is dead or not?




wordpress jetpeg plugin

If you install the WordPress Jetpack plugin, you will be notified by email when the site cannot be accessed.

In the meantime, I've been using this Jetpack plugin.

The Jetpack plugin has a lot of features, but now I don't use it other than check the connection.





Better Uptime

There are several services that check whether the server is alive. I tested the one with a free plan, and I liked this one the most.


I know that the server is alive, but I can't check it, and I only check it every 3 minutes. As with other services, free notifications are sent via email, and Slack notifications are included in the free plan. I added a vip email of better uptime so that notifications come, but I also let notifications come to me in Slack.


There are also text and phone notifications when the server is offline, which requires a paid subscription. My blog doesn't have to do that.

The check cycle did not need to be done up to 3 minutes, so I set it to a 10 minute cycle.

Connection speed is also shown for each region, but my blog is mostly Korean users, so I set it to check only in Asia.

These settings can be done in advanced settings.




You can also create status pages.

I can get notifications, and no one sees because I give status. I was just trying to make it. state address is https://dobiho.betteruptime.com 이다.





This site was good too.

You can check 50 sites for free, and you can check them every minute. https or dns monitoring is also possible





In the no-ro plan, it is possible to check 50 items in 5-minute increments. ssl monitoring is fine.





One free product on this site can be monitored in units of 1 minutes.




I looked it up just in case, and there are many services that check whether the site is offline. Like ssl, it checks whether the security certificate has expired and also checks whether the domain has expired. Measure the connection speed in each region of the world

If the site goes offline or the certificate has expired, you will be notified by email, text, phone, or Slack.

I started with the free plan because my blog or other sites aren't very critical. The basic functions are all the same, so I guess you can use it and decide if you like it or look at the price.


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