Canceling Naver Plus Membership (Beware of Heat)


Naver Plus membership benefits

If you use Naver Shopping frequently, Naver Plus MembershipThe benefits of accumulating points are good. I don't need content benefits. I don't know if I can give you a coupon for free delivery... Still, the shopping points are straightforward.

In addition, Naver points can now be used offline, so there are many useful points.



Subscribe only when needed

When I am in Seoul, I mainly use Naver Shopping, but when I am in Jeju, I have no choice but to use Coupang. Jeju Island additional shipping fee is 300 ~ 6000 won.

So, I sign up for Naver Plus membership when I am in Seoul, and cancel it when I go to Jeju. It repeats subscription and cancellation once every two months.



Cancellation of Naver Plus membership

Membership registration can be done with one or two clicks, but cancellation is not easy. The cancellation UI has changed since when, and the button also appears to be inactive, testing your patience.

You can cancel by going to the Naver Plus membership management screen. The road to membership management is not an easy one. I also write it here and report it whenever I cancel.


1. In the Naver app or Naver, tap the profile image in the upper right corner.


2. On the profile screen, tap the one that has earned this month.


3. When the Naver Plus Membership MY screen opens, click the gear icon in the upper right corner.


4. Tap 'Naver Plus Membership Management' in Settings.


5. Scroll to the bottom and click the 'Cancel Naver Plus membership' button.

Most of them probably stopped here. It looks like it's inactive, so it doesn't seem like it will be pressed, but it does. I tried to see if I had to click agree to activate this, but I couldn't find it.

I understand the visual designer's desire to do less on the magnifying glass than the other buttons, but it was too much.


6. From now on, you need to be alert and find and press to cancel. You must find and press the Cancel button 4 more times in the future. Click the button to cancel subscription



7. Click the submit button



8. Click the cancel button


9. Click the cancel button


10. Finally, the Cancel Complete button appeared



Naver Plus Membership Cancellation Cancel button search game

The menu button is in a deactivated form, but it is not really deactivated, so you have to press it to proceed. It usually uses gray to indicate that it has been disabled, and it is not pressed. Perhaps they were trying to make the cancel button stand out less, but it's a wrong visual design to make it inactive instead of using a normal button color.

Broadly speaking, computer programming is a series of state changes and also state storage. In terms of interaction design, changes in state should be tracked separately so that users can know. The visual designer should present the state in a way that the user knows and interacts with in accordance with industry standards.

Membership registration can be done by pressing once or twice, but the cancellation button is disabled because the UI for cancellation is strange.

I understand the company's position to make it difficult to cancel, but this seems to have gone too far. This would reduce the fallout rate of the end branch at the beginning of the termination, but would that be a good thing? Of course, I bet 500 won that Naver did not track the fallout rate.



Subscribing and unsubscribing from subscription services should be easy

I think that subscription service should make it easy to sign up and cancel. Because there is a fear of having to pay monthly for subscriptions.

Previously, even intangible software or services were a sales model with the concept of ownership. It is gradually shifting to a subscription model that pays you monthly. Jeremy Raskin in 2001  possession and endWhat was predicted in ' has come true.

Subscriptions and unsubscriptions should rest to make people think of the concept of borrowing while they use it. That way, you can use it and cancel it if you don't use it, and easily subscribe if you need it.



Naver without user research, the chairman is no longer a user

Naver does not conduct user research. The UX lab that was there also disappeared as it was pushed away by the visual designer. I wonder if one of the four general managers of Naver did the Samantha project to personally meet the users.

Even without user research, Naver finds the problem of small users, with one chairman Lee Hae-jin, and several top executives, rather than thousands of employees.

Chairman Hae-jin Lee seems to have never canceled Naver membership. Chairman Lee Hae-jin said that he will talk about it after 3 months if he is patient and gets it. Since there is no reason to repeat subscription and cancellation, there is no opportunity to experience such a thing and to think about a strategy that takes the user's point of view into consideration.

However, no matter how important the user is, even if the president and some top executives find problems while using it, they cannot become users with different usage behaviors from their own. It is also the reason why user research is needed.


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