VR Oculus Store Discount Information Summary

The price of the Oculus Quest app seems to be similar to the price when PC games are sold as CD titles. There are also 12000 won, but there are usually 2 to 3 won and 4 won. The app offers regular and irregular discounts. So, if I don't want to do it right away, I read reviews and put it on my wish list and buy it when it's discounted.

The Oculus Store also offers discounts, and there are sites that provide app discount information.









Oculus Store

There are times when there is a discount in the Oculus official store. The Oculus Store official website store, the official app, and the store are all linked in VR seen with a headset.

There are regular and irregular discounts.

The regular discount is a seasonal discount, so the schedule is fixed throughout the year. The discount rate also seems to be slightly different for each app.


In the discount app, the discounted price is displayed in the amount of the purchase button.



Daily Deal

There are occasions when there are irregular discounts on the Oculus Store.

Thrill of Fight (Thrill of Fight)  I bought it at a discount of 12,000 won from 7,200 won. Suopa is also sold in Korean stores recently.  Bought VR to work outMan Suopa was a bit intense, so I tried to buy it after preparing my kiwi grip and heart, but it came out on the daily deal and I bought it right away.



December-January New Year's Sale

It seems to be held from December 12th. After the Christmas discount ends, it runs for about 28 days from the next day.





End of June, summer vacation discounts

In mid-June, there is a sale under the title of “Summer Holiday Product Discount”.
In 2021, I did it around June 6. The duration is about 22 days.






October 10th, Oculus Anniversary Discount

Discounts were given for the 1st and 2nd anniversary. It seems to be expected that there will be a 2022rd anniversary discount in 3.




Late October, Halloween Discount

Since Halloween is on October 10st, there is a discount event at the end of October.

In 2021, it was on October 10th.



Late November, Black Friday Discounts

Black Friday is from the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November every year) to around Christmas. The Oculus Store seems to be running for about 11 days from the 11th Friday of November.

In 2021, it was held for three days from November 11th.





End of November, Cyber ​​Monday Discount

After the Black Friday discount ends, there is usually a Cyber ​​Monday discount. Usually the discount period is one day.



Around December 12th, Christmas Holiday Discount

It is displayed because it is a holiday discount, and it will be held for several days around December 12th.

The discount is valid until 2021pm on December 12, 27.

at christmas discount Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond was purchased for 32,000 won. The list price is 48,000 won.




Notes on purchase


When purchasing a bundle

They are sometimes sold in bundles by tying them up to three. If any of the bundles have already been purchased, that amount will be deducted from the total.


I bought a pistol whip from this bundle, so this description seems to have popped up.




Refunds are made within 2 days of use for less than 14 hours.

I also bought an app called a hospitality game and tried it, but it was not good, so I got a refund.


Refunds may be refused if you refund frequently.

If you refund frequently, you may not be able to get a refund.Says Then, if you contact us via live chat, it is said that in some cases, a refund will be given at the discretion of the consultation. Chat is conducted in English.

Usually about 5 times a month on the Maginot LineThere is also a baby called



oculus store discount coupon

When a 30% discount coupon comesthere is If you do not connect to Oculus, it seems to send coupons, and it seems to buy a lot. I don't know the standards.


You can refund the app after purchasing the app with a discount coupon. Discount coupons are non-refundable.




Odeal (odeals.net)

Odil is a site that informs you of app discount information. https://odeals.net/platform/quest You can connect with



You can manage the watch list, wish list, and purchase list for the app on the dashboard.

If you put it on your watch or wish list, a notification icon will appear, and you will receive an email as shown below.


I couldn't find the email in the Junk Mail box, but I did not put it in the Junk Mail box.




If you go to the Oculus Store with Quest or the official app, you will see a discount at the top. You can enter the store around that time for the seasonal regular discount, but the daily deal cannot. If the apps you want to buy are expensive or you don't want to use right away, put them in your wish list and set an email alert to appear.

VR CommunityI often go to , but it is useful because people often post discount information here.

Meta (Facebook) is trying to find a way to live in VR, and it seems to be activated by distributing hardware devices cheaply, earning money from stores like Apple and Google, and looking for profit models such as NFTs in it.

The price of the VR app is not priced from $0.99 like the Apple Store, but is priced at the level of a CD game from the beginning. Therefore, the cost of purchasing the app is quite high, but it is good to use the discount information well.

Regular discount events are held at the beginning of the year-end, so you should make good use of the daily discount during other periods. I think it's better to make a list of which one is right for you (it's good to put it on your wish list), and buy it when it's discounted.

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