Apply HTTPS to AWS Lightsail WordPress for Free (Bitnami + Let's Encrypt SSL)

yoda Let's say you applied https to your blog and it took about 10 minutes.   my blog is also on amazon light sale I applied the ssl certificate with the bitnami installation tool.






Free SSL Certificate, Let's Encrypt SSL

SSL certificate is paid It costs between 1 and 5 won per year..

Let's Encrypt SSL sees that the expensive SSL purchase cost hinders the spread of https, so several organizations and organizations come together to establish a certificate authority called Let's Encrypt SSL and issue certificates for free.

However, it has to be renewed every 3 months.



Bitnami https configuration tool

Another reason why it is difficult to apply ssl to a website is that it is difficult to install even if an expensive certificate is issued.

However, if you use the Bitnami https setting tool, you can set it up quickly and easily.

If the server is set to Bitnami in the light sale, set it to automatically renew the certificate every 3 months by receiving a certificate using Let's Encrypt SSL with bitnami.




Install Let's Encrypt SSL with Bitnami Installer

To force exit while in progress, press Ctrl + C keys.


1. Run the bitnami https installation tool in the lightsale terminal

bncert-tool is a Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool.


sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

Then it comes out like this:


       ___ _ _ _ | _ |_) |_ _ _ __ _ _ __ (_) | _ \ | _| ' \/ _` | ' \| | |___/_|\__|_|_|\__,_|_|_|_|_| *** Welcome to the Bitnami WordPress 5.4.2-0 *** *** Documentation: *** *** https://docs.bitnami .com/aws/ *** *** Bitnami Forums: *** ####################### ################################## ### For frequently used commands, please run: ### ### sudo /opt/bitnami/bnhelper-tool ### ####################################### ################ Last login: Sun Dec 26 01:10:54 2021 from bitnami@ip-172-26-12-29:~$ sudo /opt/ bitnami/bncert-tool --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Welcome to the Bitnami HTTPS Configuration tool. ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------- Domains Please provide a valid space-separated list of domains for which you wish to configure your web server. Domain list []: 




2. Enter a list of domains to apply

If you have multiple domains, enter a space and press Enter.

Domain list []:


3. Choose whether to add www to the subdomain

I don't use, I use, say N and press Enter.

The following domains were not included: Do you wan to add them? [Y/n] N Warning: No www domains (eg or non-www domains (eg have been provided, so the following redirections will be disabled: non-www to www, www to non-www. Press [Enter] to continue:


4. Decide whether to redirect http to https

If the search engine or internal link was set to http, set it to Y.

Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection [Y/n]: N


5. Click again to agree to the changes


Changes to perform The following changes will be performed to your Bitnami installation: 1. Stop web server 2. Configure web server to use a free Let's Encrypt certificate for the domains: 3. Configure a cron job to automatically renew the certificate each month 4. Configure web server name to: 5. Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection (example: redirect to 6. Start web server once all changes have been performed Do you agree to these changes? [Y/n]: Y


6. Enter your email address

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------- Create a free HTTPS certificate with Let's Encrypt Please provide a valid e-mail address for which to associate your Let's Encrypt certificate . Domain list: Server name: E-mail address []:


7. I agree to Let's Encrypt subscription

I thought it was a mailing-like subscription, and I pressed N, but the next step does not work. It's not a mailing subscription, but the certificate has to be renewed every 3 months, but it seems like I'm subscribing to it. Press Y to proceed.

The Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement can be found at: Do you agree to the Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement? [Y/n]: Y



8. Inform the backup file and finish.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------- Performing changes to your installation The Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool will perform any necessary actions to your Bitnami installation. This may take some time, please be patient.


9. Try to connect with https

Then you will see a lock in the browser address bar.

Next, you will see a lock in the Safari browser.



The lock is also visible in the Chrome browser.



The following is a video on how to set up by Bitnami.





When the automatic installation tool fails

In my case, while using a virtual host, I touched several apache conf , and the .htacess permission was also blocked with 444, so the automatic tool did not work. Learn About The Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool and set it manually.

I made a WordPress multi-site, had the ssl certificate installed well, but other domains did not. I think I need to study this more and put the ssl certificate.




WordPress ssl settings

You need to change the WordPress address (URL) and site address (URL) in the general settings of WordPress to https.



If you have changed your login address with the All In One WP Security plugin, turn off the plugin and change the address.

After changing the address to https in the WordPress settings, I couldn't log in to the admin screen. I changed the url of the admin login screen with the All In One WP Security plugin, but that was the problem.

If you change the url of the administrator login screen, you need to turn off this plugin and start the above process. This is because the blog address in the WordPress settings is still stored as http.

So, I opened the WordPress DB with phpmyadmin and changed the two addresses I changed above to http again and saved it.

Then, I went to the admin screen and turned off this plug-in.


Fix the problem that the classic editor is not clickable

When I try to write a post on the admin screen, the edit window cannot be clicked. When I looked at the source code, some js files were in http.

The problem was solved by changing the WordPress address (URL) and site address (URL) in the general settings of WordPress to https.

I didn't modify this myself, but after looking it up, it seemed like I was using a Really Simple SSL plugin, so I made this one. After doing this, the WordPress address was changed to https. But changing http to https was done with the bitnami tool, so I'll have to look into whether this is necessary.



How to Fix Word Press Search Results Saying No Results

I did a search on my blog and it says there are no search results.

When I turned off the Ivory Search plugin, which adds a search icon to the menu to bring up a search box, it came out normally. I don't know why.

So the magnifying glass search icon in the top menu of my blog is gone. You have to search only when you come home. I use the search on my blog the most, so I will try to find a way.





If you don't mess around with settings like me, you can easily apply https like yoda. After applying ssl, you need to configure WordPress as well.


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