Oculus Quest 2 Halo M2 Strap (Piccolo Strap)







Basic strap problem

VR headsets secure the head with a strap. The strap is adjusted when putting on and taking off the headset, but once used, it lasts for a long time, and when used alone, it is not very inconvenient. It is a little inconvenient to have to adjust the strap every time when relatives or other family members use the headset.

The most uncomfortable thing is the feeling of pressure on the face. After wearing the Oculus Quest 2 headset and using VR for a while, I feel pressure on my forehead and face.  exercise in VRIt seems to be more so when Hani puts the headset close to her face to keep it from falling off and to focus.

Moreover, since the headset only weighs on the face, the weight is shifted toward the front.

Meta (Facebook) does not seem to spend money on straps to lower the price, as they need to distribute VR headsets to make their metaverse.




halo strap

This problem can be solved to some extent by using a different strap.

It is very comfortable as it can be put on or taken off by putting it on top. The basic strap was tightened and loosened by adjusting the laces, but this is convenient as it can be easily tightened and loosened by turning the dial like the dial on shoes.

It distributes the weight as shown in the picture below, but the headset part is still heavy.

It is comfortable to put on and take off by lifting it up, but it can be removed from the top, so you have to tighten it with the dials on the head and on the back.




4th Generation Halo M2 Strap


4th Generation Halo M2 Strapbought

There are several Halo straps, and I bought the Piccolo strap. On the head of the strap, there is an insect antenna that supports the upper head like an antenna.

Unlike the standard strap, it is made of plastic and can be worn on the head, and the strap is tightened or loosened by turning it with a jog dial like a shoe instead of a band.




Attachment method

It wasn't that difficult to attach.

Remove the basic strap and put the halo strap on. The way was to look at the picture below.



When removing the basic strap from the Quest 2 headset, the plastic parts on both sides were not separated well. The way I did it was simple. Think of it as a lid and it will come out easily if you open that part upwards.


The Quest 2 headset has a piece of plastic that holds the halo strap in place. It was just putting it on, but it looked a bit sloppy to see if it could be fixed without getting caught anywhere. It seems to be adjusting the face part by adjusting the depth.






When using the strap on the head, it is said to attach the forehead pad to the inner foam side as much as possible as shown in the picture below. It seems to be about level with the back so that the string is tightened. But the strap seems to come off easily at the top, so I think I have to lower the back of the head as much as possible, but the explanation says not to do that.





For the spread of VR headsets, the meta (Facebook) did not care about straps and incurs an additional cost, but it is comfortable to put on and take off, and there is little pressure on the face. It is much more convenient when several people use it alternately.

Still, the front is heavy. So, by installing an auxiliary battery on the back of the head, it seems to increase the usage time and to control the center of gravity.

Since the headset is inevitably heavy, I would like to wear it on my head like a bicycle helmet and wear a chin strap.

Like other products, the Oculus Quest 2 has a variety of accessories. As only the main is provided and the rest of the inconveniences are provided by a third party, it seems that the accessory market has opened up like Apple.




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