Jeju tangerine sharing by residents

There was a box next to the elevator.

I looked at the box to see if someone was throwing out the trash.



There was writing on the box.

There were a lot of gifts, so I decided to take them to those who needed them.


The tangerine ran out, so I brought a bag.

Since the tangerines are of different sizes, it seems that the people who grow tangerines in Jeju brought them. Our building is mainly used by people who come to work in Jeju or people who are one year old, but Jeju locals also seem to live there.




It is said that Jeju people do not buy tangerines at the supermarket. All received from acquaintances who grow tangerines. We are not Jeju locals, but my wife's acquaintances bring them. The tangerines are delivered in a box, and the tangerines are very small or come in different sizes. Due to the shape or size, the commercial quality is lowered, but the taste is very good.


This is the first time in my life that I have received such a sharing. I also wanted to share, so I looked, but couldn't find anything to share. At times like this, it seems like a good world to live in.


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