Art using terrain features

Sometimes we see art using topographical features in buildings, parks, and tourist spots. It is exciting to see that it is three-dimensional, creative, and stimulates imagination by linking (?) with other objects.

Every now and then, I take a picture and post it on my blog. I put together this art that I posted on my blog.





Snow rabbit, snow cat life art




Seen in Chengdu, China Pender bears at the International Financial Center

The panda bear at the International Financial Center I saw when I went to Chengdu, China is also a work using the building.

Panda bear at the International Oil Restriction Center in Chengdu, China





There is a product that grafted art on the bookend.





Plum blossom-shaped floating solar power at Hapcheon Dam

The plum blossom-shaped floating solar power of Hamcheon Dam we saw recently is an example of sublimating art into policy.





Leaf art of Nami Island

The art on the side of a tree in Nami Island used natural objects themselves. I don't know if this person still exists today.




Psy's mistakes make artSteve Jobs once said that great artists imitate and great artists steal. How artists think and be creativebirth of thoughts> you can take a look.


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