Bookscan, take a picture of a book and create an OCR PDF (using vFlat Bookscanner app)

American philosopher of technology money idofbody of technology> I wanted to read it, so I looked it up and it was out of print. There is one used book, which is 4 won. The original price of the book was 13,500 won, but it seems like they are selling it at a higher price because it is out of print.

I looked it up in the library and found that it is in the Seoul Library, and in Jeju there are books in the Halla Library.

So, on my way to Jeju City, I borrowed a book from Halla Library.


But I have to go to Seoul next week, so I have to return it and read it several times, so I took a picture and made it into a PDF file.







Create PDF by taking pictures of books with vFlat app

There are a few apps that recognize paper and automatically take a picture and make it black and white like a document, but vFlat seems to be good for book scanning. It's still free.

iOS there is also Androidthere is a use




This app takes two pages at once with the book open and cuts out only the book part as an image for each page. Like other paper taking apps, it flattens even if the paper is bent.

When you take a picture, you can see a finger holding a book, and it automatically erases your finger. It's not perfect, and if you take multiple pictures, sometimes only your fingers will turn out red.

You can convert your photos to pdf.

If you make an image into a pdf, text recognition is not possible, but this app does text recognition. It is easy to underline on an iPad or Mac when text is recognized, and you can also copy the underlined text.

However, only 100 texts can be recognized per day. Text recognition is quick.

I want to buy a paid one, but it's free.

After creating a pdf from an image in vFlat, it can also be recognized by a website that recognizes text. I was wondering if that would be the case, but I wanted to try PDF recognition with this app. Since the scanned book was less than 300 pages, it took 100 days to recognize 3 texts per day. Text recognition works fine.

If vFlat does not change for a fee or the limit of 100 is not lifted, I will use a tool or website that recognizes text after making a pdf next time.





If the text is recognized, you can underline it in the pdf program of iPad or Mac as shown in the picture below.

You can underline it using the Mac's default program, but I use it on Mac and iPad. PDF Expert to view the PDF file and underline it.

PDF Expert can edit pdf and use the pdf standard format, so it opens well on Mac or iPad as well as other apps.





Create Book PDF with vFlat


1. Taking pictures of books with vFlat app


It recognizes the pages of a book and takes a picture, then straightens the bent paper.

I thought taking pictures would be inconvenient, but it was very easy.

Place the book on the fabric against a dark background to make it recognizable.




Hold the iPhone with one hand and hold the iPhone with the other without turning two pages at a time.

At this time, the book pages are set to be taken as two pages, and the picture is automatically recognized and set to be taken.

If you tap the square icon at the top of the picture below, it will automatically recognize and take a picture when you point the camera at it. The photo below was captured without this feature turned on. If it is recognized, it will take a picture, so you can't take a screen capture.

In this way, you just need to hold the book with one hand and light it with the iPhone with the other hand to start shooting. There is no need to press the camera shooting button.


If you shoot like this, you can turn the page of the book and point the camera, then turn the page and point the camera again.

A book is usually about 300 pages long, so you only need to turn 150 times, which is half.

I think it took about 10-15 minutes. I sat down and my back hurt a bit.



When I took a picture of the book, I kicked it with a dark background and used my black long-sleeved shirt. 😆



Maybe the color of the book paper was yellow, so when I took it with an iPhone 5 or iPhone X, it came out so bright that the text was hard to see. So, when I took a picture with the iPhone 11, the text was clearly visible. This isn't a camera issue, it's a program issue that makes black and white photos, but I don't know why.



2. Recognize photos as text

Select up to 100 photos taken in the vFlat app and press the T-shaped icon to recognize text from the photos.

It takes a little time.


3. Turn your photos into PDFs

Select all the photos and export them as PDF.


4. Send PDF files from iPhone to Mac

When I tried to send it through KakaoTalk, it didn't show that it was more than 100 megabytes.

So I airdropped the PDF file from iPhone to my MacBook.



5. Compress PDF files

The PDF file size is 250 megabytes. I uploaded it to Google Drive and synced it with iPad PDF Expert. Highlights or notes on the iPad should be synced to Google Drive, but Google Drive is slow, but the files are too large.

Compressing to medium quality with PDF Expert reduced the file size by 50 megabytes. When I compressed it the highest, it was reduced to 2 mega, but the text was too squished, so I threw it away.

Mac's default PDF viewer You can also reduce the PDF file size in the preview app.




6. Make PDF to epub

Since the PDF file is text-recognized, you can convert the PDF to text and make it into an epub. You can use Google Docs to extract text files, or you can use a site that extracts text from PDFs.

You can create epub files with texts such as Pages or caliber.

Then, the flow becomes visible on a small screen like an iPhone rather than an iPad, and you can change fonts and line spacing.

I didn't do this because I could see it on an iPad.





Thanks to this, I returned the book to the library, and I am reading it while highlighting it with PDF Expert on iPad and Mac and scribbling with an Apple Pencil. It is for personal use only, so there is no problem with copyright.


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