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This blog domain,, was first registered with .Name Korea on December 2006, 12. After that, it was extended by .name Korea for 20 years.

Until then, it was operated as in the that I have, but I registered the domain and started operating it with WordPress. WordPress 1.0 was released in 2004, but my blog seems to have started with 2.x.

When I first registered, .name Korea was the cheapest.

Even now, for new com domain registrations, .name Korea and Hosting KR seem to be the cheapest. However, domain extension of .name Korea is 22,000 won, double the new registration. On the other hand, hosting KR is the same price when extending a domain.

So, the existing and the newly created domain were registered with I also extended for 16 years, but I will continue to use it anyway, so I overcame laziness and moved to Hosting K.R.   AWS LightsailI was thinking of moving it to Amazon, but the domestic company was much cheaper, so I just moved it to Hosting KR.

I thought it was simple because it was an institution relocation, Escape from .name KoreaI felt like I did.

The procedure for domain transfer is as follows.

(source: hosting kr)


  1. A domain verification code is issued by the institution where you currently exist. If the domain lock is on, it must be released before applying for issuance of the verification code. Dot Name Korea has to pay an additional 5500 won and replies to 1:1 inquiriesIt took a long time. It's better to just pay 5500 won)
  2. Enter the authentication key at the location you are moving to and apply for the transfer.
  3. If an agency transfer approval email arrives by email, it is approved.
  4. You will then receive an email confirming that you have been approved.


The institutional transfer process is systematic and a notification is sent by e-mail.


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